Quick Reference to Selected Statutes

The following links will take you to the library laws most commonly sought by librarians.

Certification - requirement for educators, including librarians (SBEC)

(Education Code, Chapter 21, Section 21.003)

Confidentiality of library records

(Government Code, Chapter 552, Section 552.124)

Library District Law

(Local Government Code, Chapter 326)

License plates to benefit libraries

(Transportation Code, Chapter 504, Section 504.616 and

Government Code, Chapter 441, Section 441.0092)

Minimum standards for accreditation of Public Libraries in the State Library System,

Texas Administrative Code, 13 TAC 1.71 et seq.

Multi-jurisdictional Library District Law

(Local Government Code, Chapter 336)

Public indecency statutes and obscenity

(Penal Code, Chapter 43, Sections 43.21-43.26)

Telecommunications discounts for schools and libraries

(Utilities Code, Chapter 57, Sections 57.001-57.025)

Tax-free sales for exempt entities

(Tax Code, Chapter 151.310 (c))

Texas State Library and Archives Commission enabling statutes

(Government Code, Chapter 441)

Chapter 441 includes the following key sections: 

Voter registration - Public library participation

(Election Code, Chapter 20, Sections 20.001-20.093)

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