I wish to express appreciation and acknowledge the assistance of many individuals in this study. Most importantly, this project was made possible by Peggy D. Rudd, Director and Librarian of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. I am grateful for her foresight in proposing this study.

Thanks to Anita Givens, Senior Director of Education and Technology, Gloria McClanahan, Director of Libraries, and Mary D. Lankford, Assistant Director of Libraries, all of the Texas Education Agency, for their input in designing the survey questions, for encouraging school librarians to complete and return their questionnaires, and for providing PEIMS data.

My thanks to Dr. Chris Benton, Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research at Alvin Community College for his review of the draft report, his insight and suggestions, and his assistance with the factor and multiple regression analyses.

Special thanks to Dr. Keith Lance, Director of Library Research Service at the Colorado State Library, for his permission to use a questionnaire he had designed as a basis for the questionnaire for this study, and for the generosity he exhibited in sharing information, suggestions, and ideas.

I greatly appreciate the support of the Texas State Library staff, especially Christine McNew, Youth Services Consultant, for her dedication to this study.

And a special thank you to the hundreds of school librarians throughout the State of Texas who completed the questionnaire, for their time and effort, and to individuals too numerous to mention at the Educational Service Centers who encouraged their participation.

Ester G. Smith

EGS Research and Consulting


Page last modified: March 2, 2011