System Orientation Manual

The System Orientation Manual is published by the Library Development Division. The purpose of the manual is to orient system staff, lay representatives, advisory council members, and anyone else interested in the Texas Library System. It also provides a comprehensive introduction to the library systems including the history of the systems, key principles of system management, and a timeline for annually and biennially recurring system activities.

This manual is currently undergoing revision. If you have questions about previous versions of the System Orientation Manual or would like to check on the status of the revision, please contact:

Deborah Littrell

Administrator, Library System Grant & TANG

Library Development Division

Texas State Library & Archives Commission

800.252.9386 (in Texas)

512.936.2236 - 512.463.8800 (fax)

Table of Contents

Preface (under revision)

Chapter 1: The Role of Systems in Public Library Development in Texas (under revision)

  • I. The Formative Years of Library Systems in Texas
  • II. A Chronology of Library Systems in Texas: 1962 to1999
  • III. Public Library Development and Systems: Some Key Concepts

Chapter 2: The Governance of Systems (under revision)

  • I. System Governance at the Regional Level
  • II. System Governance at the State Level

Chapter 3: System Funding and System Services (under revision)

Chapter 4: The Administration of Systems (under revision)

  • I. Financial Management
  • II. Performance Management
  • III. Planning for System Services
  • IV. Other Operational Areas
  • V. Calendar of Contract and Reporting Dates

Chapter 5: Essential Documents for System Management (under revision)

  • I. State Documents
  • II. System Working Documents

Chapter 6: Regional Library Systems (under revision)

  • I. Statutory Authority
  • II. Advantages and Disadvantages of Regional Library System Governance
  • III. The Cost-Benefit Worksheet
  • IV. Other Considerations
  • V. Moving to Regional Library System Governance

Chapter 7: Public Library Districts [chapter updated July 2007]

  • I. The 1997 Library Districts Act and Amendments
  • II. The 2005 Multi-Jurisdictional Library Districts Act
  • III. Library District Resources

Appendix: Advisory Council Members: Roles and Responsibilities (under revision)

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