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E1. The Texians and the Texans Pamphlet Series.

San Antonio: University of Texas at San Antonio, Institute of Texan Cultures. Pamphlets. $4.95 each. Phone 800-776-7651.

These pamphlets, which vary from 24 to 32 pages in length, serve as valuable information sources on the history of Texas ethnic groups. Each provides biographical data on prominent figures, explains how and why the group came to Texas, and describes major settlements and significant contributions of the culture. The in-print pamphlets include: The Afro-American Texans, The Belgian Texans, The French Texans, The German Texans, The Greek Texans, The Indian Texans and The Italian Texans, and The Jewish Texans. Several other pamphlets that are currently out of print but may be reprinted later: The Anglo-American Texans, The Chinese Texans, The Czech Texans, The Mexican Texans, Los Tejanos Mexicanos, The Norwegian Texans, The Spanish Texans, and The Swiss Texans.

English Texans

E2. The English Texans.

Thomas W. Cutrer. San Antonio: University of Texas at San Antonio Press, Institute of Texan Cultures. 1985. (Texians and Texans Book Series.) 188p. $13.95. 0-86701-012-6 $7.95pa.

English migration to Texas began when 114 British sailors were set ashore in 1567 after a disastrous defeat by the Spanish fleet in Veracruz harbor. Only three survived the 11-month trek across the hostile wilderness of Mexico and Texas. This narrative work depicts their story and the English role in the development of Texas. Among their contributions were the introduction of barbed wire, dipping vats, steel windmills, and Johnson grass into the State.

German Texans

E3. The German Texans.

Revised edition. Glen E. Lich. San Antonio: University of Texas at San Antonio Press, Institute of Texan Cultures. 1996. (Texians and Texans Book Series.) $16.95. 0-86701-072X.

According to the San Antonio Express-News, this new revision of an earlier edition, called " a scrapbook of favorite personal clippings from the past" by the author, is a fascinating collection of photographs, sketches, songs, and poems woven together with the insight and wit of an extremely observant and thoughtful people--Texas’ first German settlers.

E4. Germans and Texans: Commerce, Migration, and Culture in the Days of the Lone Star Republic.

Walter Struve. Austin: University of Texas Press. 1996. 272p. $40.00. 0-292-77700-0; $18.95pa. 0-292-77701-9.

German immigrants to Texas during the Republic of Texas years (1836-1945) included farmers who helped to settle the Hill Country and merchants and other business people who were instrumental in the development of Houston and Galveston. This work, of interest to both scholars and general readers, explores conditions in Germany which led to emigration and similarities in social, economic, and cultural conditions in Germany and the new republic.

Hispanic Texans

E5. Hispanic Texas: A Historical Guide

Helen Simons and Catherine A. Hoyt. Austin: University of Texas Press, co-published with the Texas Historical Commission. 1992. 520p. $19.95pa. 0-292-77670-5.

Spanish-American heritage in Texas is the focus of this work. It offers a city-by-city listing of historic and modern sites and structures in Texas that reflect Hispanic influence. Local festivals and events, public art, museums, natural areas, and scenic drives are also noted. Sixty-five color and 222 black-and-white photographs support the text. This new edition includes guidebook information contained in the original work produced in a compact (8.5" x 11" ) format designed for travel.

Hungarian Texans

E6. The Hungarian Texans.

James Patrick McGuire. San Antonio: University of Texas at San Antonio, Institute of Texan Cultures. 1994. (Texians and Texans Book Series.) 300p. $23.95. 0-86701-041-X. $14.95pa. 0-86701-048-7.

This recent addition to the Texians and the Texans series won the 1994 San Antonio Conservation Society award. The work treats Hungarian individuals, events, and communities in Texas during the 19th and 20th centuries, supported by over 90 photographs.

Irish Texans

E7. The Irish Texans.

2nd edition. James Brendan Flannery. San Antonio: University of Texas at San Antonio, Institute of Texan Cultures. 1995. (Texians and Texans Book Series.) $14.95pa. 0-86701-071-1.

The lives of Irish settlers in Texas are explored through anecdotes, ghost stories, personal accounts, and historical photographs in this extensively revised edition of an earlier work.

Italian Texans

E8. The Italian Experience in Texas: A Closer Look.

Valentine J. Belfiglio. Austin: Eakin Press. 1994. 192p. $19.95. 0-89015-969-6.

The author traces the arrival of Italians in Texas before the Civil War to Italian urban settlements in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Among those included are farmers, railroad workers, miners, and artists. This revised and enlarged version of the original 1983 work, which analyzes the nature and impact of Italian culture on Texas, is illustrated by numerous historic photographs.

Japanese Texans

E9. The Japanese Texans.

Thomas K. Walls. San Antonio: the University of Texas at San Antonio, Institute of Texan Cultures. Reprinted 1996. (Texians and Texans Book Series.) 256p. $16.95. 0-86701-021-5.

This work provides a well-researched account of the Japanese Texans’ contributions to the State's growth and development. It also focuses on their struggle for acceptance in the World War II era and afterward.

Native Americans

E10. Handbook of North American Indians. Volumes 9 and 10, Southwest.

Washington, DC: Smithsonian Institute. Volume 9. 1979. 701p. $23.00. S/N 047-000-00361-0. Volume 10. 1983. 884p. $25.00. S/N 047-000-00390-3.

Intended to provide a comprehensive summary of the prehistory, history, and culture of native peoples of America who lived north of Mexico. These two volumes of the projected 20 volume set are of primary interest in Texas. Volume 9 covers Puebloan peoples and general Southwest prehistory and history volume 10 contains 56 articles about non-Puebloan peoples of the Southwest and some surveys of topics germane to the entire area.

E11. The Indians of Texas: From Prehistoric to Modern Times.

William W. Newcomb, Jr. Austin: University of Texas Press. c1961, 1969. 436p. $29.95. 0-292-73271-6; $12.95pa. 0-292-78425-2.

Each of the five parts of this general work on Texas Indians describe a particular tribe, its location, culture, and customs. (Part 1--Before the Written Word, Part 2--Savages of the Western Gulf Culture Area, Part 3--Nomads of the Plains, Part 4--Barbaric Gardeners, and Part 5--Bitter Bread of Banishment.)

Checkmark The Indians of the Southwest: A Century of Development Under the United States.

Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press. c1949, 1990. 283p. (Civilization of American Indians Series No. 28.) $13.95. 0-8061-1214-6.

A classic work, this book provides a survey of the Indians relationship with the federal government from mid-19th century to mid-20th century.

Checkmark Indian Tribes of Texas.

2nd edition. Dorman H. Winfrey, et al. Introduction by W.W. Newcomb, Jr. Original paintings by Jack Bryant. Waco: Texian Press. 1971. 178p. $15.95.

Contains a chapter by a different author on each of eight tribes found in Texas--Alabama-Coushattas, Caddoes, Comanches, Karankawas, Kiowas, Lipan Apaches, Tonkawas, and Wichitas.

E12. The Tiguas: Pueblo Indians of Texas.

Bill Wright. Introduction by Daniel J. Gelo. El Paso: Texas Western Press, University of Texas at El Paso. 1993. 161p. $40.00. 0-87404-229-1.

Winner of the Border Regional Library Association 1994 Southwest Book Award, this work provides a historic overview of the oldest Texans , the Tigua Indians of Ysleta Pueblo. The book is based on extensive research and interviews with tribal members and leaders. The author, himself a photographer, has collected documentary photographs from throughout the country, which he combines with his own contemporary images. An extensive bibliography and list of tribal officers and members concludes the volume.

Pencil (See also The Indian Papers of Texas in the Texas History section.)

Polish Texans

E13. The First Polish Americans: Silesian Settlements in Texas.

T. Lindsay Baker. College Station: Texas A& M University Press. 1979. 288p. $18.95. 0-89096-060-7.

This carefully researched monograph can serve as a reference tool to obtain biographical material on early Polish leaders in Texas--clergy, members of St. Adalberts Society, colonizers, and many others. The settlements, established in south central Texas in the 1850's, are the oldest Polish communities in the United States. The work traces these settlers from the social and economic conditions in Upper Silesia, Poland, which resulted in their immigration to Texas, to their lives in the 20th century. A 24-page bibliography and an index to topics, locations, and names of individuals are also included.

E14. The Polish Texans.

T. Lindsay Baker. San Antonio: University of Texas at San Antonio, Institute of Texan Cultures. 1982. (Texians and Texans Book Series) 113p. $7.95pa. 0-93316-99-8.

Like others in this series, this small volume presents valuable information about Polish Texans. It includes biographical data on prominent figures and describes the major settlements and significant cultural contributions of the group. Photographs and other illustrations support the text.

Swedish Texans

E15. The Swedish Texans.

Larry E. Scott. San Antonio: University of Texas at San Antonio, Institute of Texan Cultures. (Texians and Texans Book Series.) 1992. $15.95. 0-86701-044-4.

Thorough descriptions profile the schools, newspapers and churches of the hundreds Swedes who emigrated from one parish in Sweden to settle in Central Texas during the 19th century. Generously illustrated with period photographs, the text includes well-known figures like Swen Magnus Swenson, Svante Palm, and others.

Pencil Another title in the Texians and Texans Series from the Institute of Texan Cultures, The Danish Texans by John L. Davis, is scheduled to be reprinted by 1997

Pencil The Institute of Texan Cultures also produces a number of videotapes, filmstrips, and slide sets about specific Texas cultural groups. Ask to be placed on the mailing list to receive their catalog.


Computer Austin: Texas Department of Commerce, Business Development Division. Phone 800-888-0511; FAX 512-936-0077.

Free online public information resources for Texas businesses. Users can also search the available indexes using key words. Information includes:

  • Business listings, procurement leads, commodity buy ads, and for sale ads.
  • Business Information Collection.
  • general Information Area.

Telephone Business Information Referral Program. Phone 800-888-0511.

Provides information on starting a business, loans, and grants available to businesses, getting started in exports, and many other topics.

Telephone Texas Department of Insurance. Phone 800-252-3439.

Offers free one-page profiles on insurance companies which include customer complaint histories, financial strengths, and prices.

Telephone Texas Employment Commission. Phone 800-832-2829.

Provides useful brochures and pamphlets on many employment topics of interest to both the employers and the employees.

E16. Americans with Disabilities Act: A Practical Guide for Texas Employers.

Edwards, Margaret Hart et al. Christopher D. Dworin, editor. Austin: State Bar of Texas. 1993. 72p. $20.00pa. 0-938160-75-3.

This guide, intended for laypersons, was reprinted and adapted for use in Texas with permission from the publisher of Americans with Disabilities Act: A Practical Guide for Employers (Continuing Education of the Bar, California. c1992 by the Regents of the University of California). It contains a detailed table of contents followed by easily understood explanations of the law. Definitions of terms and examples support the discussions.

E17. Business Defense Transition: A Resource Guide for Texas Companies.

Austin: Texas Department of Commerce, Office of Economic Transition. Phil Warner, editor. 1994. 41p. $20.00.

This guide is designed to help small companies, especially defense firms, understand the opportunities and barriers of defense transition. The publication identifies resources that could help in the transition from military to private sector market focus.

E18. Defense Diversification: A Guide for Texas Communities.

Austin: Texas Department of Commerce, Office of Economic Transition. 1994. 48p. Free.

Designed to assist Texas communities impacted by military base downsizing, this guide lists existing resources to aid in community strategic planning.

E19. Directory of Texas Manufacturers.

Austin: Bureau of Business Research, University of Texas at Austin. Annual. 1995 edition, two volumes. $130.00/set $150.00 for diskette. 0-87755-338-6.

Most smaller libraries will not require this extensive and expensive directory of the state's manufacturers, but it is useful for librarians to know that the work may be available in larger libraries. The two volumes provide current directory data for 16,663 Texas manufacturing plants. In addition to telephone numbers and addresses, this annual publication gives names of executives, products, number of production employees, and annual sales. Indexing is by city, product classification (SIC code) and company name. The directory is supplemented by the monthly Texas Industrial Expansion (included in the $130 cost), which provides updated information about each company--corporate mergers, defense contracts, patents, etc.

E20. Directory of Texas Wholesalers.

Austin: Bureau of Business Research, University of Texas at Austin. 668p. $70.00. 0-87755-328-9.

This listing of Texas wholesalers is not a required publication for smaller libraries, but it is useful for librarians to know that it may be available in larger libraries. Wholesalers are listed by city, alphabetically, by SIC code and by product.

E21. Global Texas: International Trade Information Sourcebook.

Austin: Bureau of Business Research, Graduate School of Business, University of Texas at Austin. 1992. 227p. $19.95. 0-87755-326-2.

This sourcebook is highly recommended as a guide to Texas trade and commerce. It includes a great deal of directory information--whom to contact for what--for such areas as export counseling and marketing, private consulting and marketing services, financial and funding assistance, agriculture, foreign government procurement offices, and multilateral banks and agencies.

E22. A Guide to Texas Business Licenses and Permits.

Austin: Texas Department of Commerce, Business Development Division, Research & Information Group. Jeannie Fickel, editor. 1995. 416p. Biennial. Free. Phone 800-888-0511 FAX 512-936-0077.

New and expanding businesses that need permit and regulatory information will find this guide indispensable. Information includes a start-up checklist, a business tax overview, business registration requirements, state agencies’ toll-free telephone numbers, general business contacts, and more. Libraries will find the guide an excellent ready reference and referral source.

E23. How to Incorporate Your Texas Business.

2nd edition. Thomas M. Branton. Houston: Gulf Publishing Co. 1990. 164p. $12.95pa. 0-87201-417-7.

Information provided covers all aspects of incorporating and running a business under Texas law--procedures, operating as a corporation, financing and accounting, taxes, etc. Updates are available from the author at P.O. Box 1179, Alvin, TX 77512.

E24. How to Form Your Own Texas Corporation.

4th edition. Anthony Mancuso. Berkeley, CA: Nolo Press. 1989. $29.95. 0-87337-083-X.

This work provides clearly written information on the advantages and disadvantages of forming a Texas corporation, the steps needed in forming a corporation, and the procedures required in running a corporate business. At least half of the volume consists of tear-out forms concerning Texas corporations.

E25. State Services and Assistance: Workers' Guide.

Austin: Texas Employment Commission. 1994. 13p. Free. Phone 800-832-2829.

Those seeking employment will find this guide to services and assistance a useful resource.

E26. The Texas 500: Hoover's Guide to the Top Texas Companies 1994-1995.

Austin: The Reference Press. 1994. Annual. $24.95. 0-878753-46-0.

In-depth profiles of the 55 largest and fastest growing Texas companies, public and private, are a special feature of this useful work. Also included are capsules of the 500 largest public and private companies in the state. Profiles contain overviews, company strategies, histories including up to 10 years of key financial and stock data, lists of products, executive names, headquarters, and phone and FAX numbers. Indexed by types of industries and locations.

E27. The Texas Fact Book 1989.

Austin: Bureau of Business Research, University of Texas at Austin. 1989. $15.00pa. 0-87755-299-1.

This irregularly published work provides an economic profile of Texas. Tables, charts, and essays cover the recent past with current data on agriculture, cost of living, housing, income, and much more. A roster of Councils of Government, with addresses and telephone numbers and a listing of 124 information publications, conclude the volume.

E28. Texas Road Map to Starting a Business.

Austin, Texas Department of Commerce, Business Development Division. 1993. 48p. $8.64.

Anyone starting a business or considering starting one will find this manual and directory useful. The scope of the work covers the feasibility study, business plan, legal issues, tax responsibilities, and other matters related to starting a business in Texas.

E29. Your Texas Business: What You Should Know to Start and Run a Business in Texas Today.

2nd edition. Richard Alderman and Tom Oldham. Houston: Gulf Publishing Co. 1993. 364p. $27.95. 0-88415-024-0.

Divided into twelve chapters covering such topics as sole proprietorships, general partnerships, limited partnerships, corporations, and hiring and firing. Important recent changes include the Texas Deceptive Trade Practice Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. A supplement describes the Immigrant Law. When appropriate, sample forms and documents are provided.


E30. The State of Texas.

Austin: Texas Department of Commerce, Business Development Division. Quarterly. Free. Phone 800-880-0511; FAX 512-936-0077.

A quarterly periodical focusing on trends and indicators of Texas commerce. Articles, tables, charts, and graphs provide current discussions and statistics on employment, prices, personal income, exports, and other economic topics.

E31. Texas Business Review.

Austin: Bureau of Business Research, University of Texas at Austin. 1927- . $6.00/yr. Subscriptions are available free on request, as are back issues. Phone 512-471-5179; FAX 512-471-1063; email dhardy@mail.utexas.edu

Each issue of this bimonthly publication covers a current Texas business topic (e.g., The Mexican Peso Crisis, Pollution Prevention, Remote Workers) in a highly readable yet academic manner. The focus of this free periodical is "ways Texas industries can become nationally and globally competitive."


Computer Texas Education Agency. (http://www.tea.state.tx.us/). Austin: Texas Education Agency. Phone 512-463-8734; FAX 512-936-0077.

Free online public information for education related resources. Information includes:

  • Programs (including career and technology education, adult and community education, services for the deaf, school finance, and TAAS testing).
  • Publications.
  • Administration (legislation, court rulings, wavers, and rules press releases human resources information).

Telephone Texas Education Agency. Phone 512-463-9734; FAX 512-463-9838.

Provides information on education related resources.

Telephone Texas Literacy Council. Phone 800-441-7323.

Provides information on Texas literacy programs.

E32. Texas School Directory.

Austin: Texas Education Agency. 1994. Annual. $15.00. Phone 512-463-9734; FAX 512-563-9838.

This directory for Texas public schools and accredited non-public schools (K-12) provides locations, names of administrative personnel, and statistical data. Available annually in February.

E33. Texas School Law Bulletin, 1994.

Austin: Texas Education Agency. (West Publishing Co.) 1994. Biennial. $25.00. (Limited supply). Phone 512-463-8985; FAX 512-463-9838.

This work is a compilation of current education laws and other statutes pertaining to the operation of Texas public schools. Information is taken from the Texas Administrative Code . It should be noted that information is written in "legalese" rather than layperson's terms.

E34. Snapshot '94: 1993-94 School District Profiles.

Austin: Texas Education Agency, Department of Research and Development. 1995. Annual. 320p. $10.00 plus $1.75 shipping; $20.00/diskette. Phone 512-463-9744.

A profile of public school education in Texas is provided for the state as a whole and for each school district including: student characteristics (ethnicity, attendance, drop-out rates), student performance (TAAS and other test results), staffing, and financing. This work is highly recommended as a current reference source for information about Texas public education.


E35. Christmas in Texas.

Elizabeth Silverthorne. College Station: Texas A& M University Press. c1990, 1994. 188p. $29.95. 0-89-96-446-7; $17.95pa. 0-89096-578-1.

Christmas customs of many ethnic groups, noted celebrations throughout the State (Las Posados and Los Pastores in San Antonio, Dickens on the Strand in Galveston, the Norwegian Lutefisk Festival at Cranfill Gap, Christmas at Old Fort Concho in San Angelo, and the Cowboys’ Christmas Ball at Anson), as well as hardscrabble Christmases on the frontier are delightfully presented in this unique book. The author researched published materials and records of heritage societies, historical foundations, museums, church groups, ethnic societies, and fraternal organizations to collect the information. Recipes for plum pudding, gingerbread men, chicken and sausage gumbo, baklava, polica, zabaglione, and other ethnic foods are a special feature.

E36. Eats: A Folk History of Texas Foods.

Ernestine Sewell Linck and Joyce Gibson Roach. Forward by James Ward Lee. Fort Worth: Texas Christian University Press. 1989. 259p. $23.50. 0-87565-032-5; $12.95pa. 0-87565-035-X.

Part one covers "eats from the Red River to the Sabine to the Nueces to the Rio Grande to the High Plains and back." Each section discusses foods of the area and provides many recipes with such notes as, "This recipe was copied from Mother's black notebook-cookbook just the way she wrote it in 1936." Part 2 treats foods that celebrate the seasons. Interesting tidbits scattered throughout--returning thanks, watermelon lore, egg lore, customs, etc. This delightful volume is highly recommended.

E37. Ghost Towns of Texas.

T. Lindsay Baker. Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press. c1986, 1994. 196p. $29.95. 0-8061-1997-7; $19.95pa. 0-8061-2189-0.

Information about 88 Texas ghost towns is arranged alphabetically by place name. A small map, one or two pages of information exact location are given for each town. Among those included are Tascosa, often dubbed the "Cowboy Capitol of the Plains;" Indianola, once an important port city; and the legendary Terlingua. Photographs related to many locations are included.

Checkmark 800 Texas Ghost Towns.

Ed Ellsworth Bartholomew. Fort Davis: Frontier Book Publishing. 1971. 105p.

Checkmark The Encyclopedia of Texas Ghost Towns.

Ed Ellsworth Bartholomew. Fort Davis: Frontier Book Publishing. 1982. 111p.

Now out of print, these sources briefly identify each place, giving location, dates, and a description.

E38. Hecho en Tejas: Texas Mexican Folk Art and Crafts.

Joe S. Graham, editor. (Texas Folklore Society Publication No. 50.) Denton: University of North Texas Press. 1992. 357p. $29.95. 0-929398-33-5.

This important work treats saddles, pi� atas, yard art, grave and cemetery markers, quilts, paper flowers, braided horsehide, and dozens of other Texas-Mexican folk art items. This generously illustrated volumes includes 195 black-and-white photographs.

Checkmark Texas Folk Art: One Hundred Fifty Years of the Southwestern Tradition.

Cecilia Steinfeld. Austin: Texas Monthly Press. 1981. 302p. (Out of print.)

An exhibition catalog for the Survey of Native Texas Artists exhibit. Chapters are arranged by area (painting and drawing, furniture, metalwork, pottery, needle art, whittling, carving, etc.) and contain photographs of the artwork. Artist, title, medium, notes, and location in private collections/museums are listed for each item in the exhibit.


E39. 1001 Texas Place Names.

Fred Tarpley. Sketches by Sally Blakemore. Austin: University of Texas Press. 1980. 256p. $8.95pa. 0-292-76016-7.

Lists such colorful locales as Dime Box, Cut and Shoot, Swampoodle, Snook and Starvation Creek, plus 996 more unusual names for cities and towns, communities, rivers and creeks, oil fields, landstrips, parks, and cemeteries. Entries include all or some of the following: county, pronunciation, origin of the name and other interesting facts, post office history, population, elevation, and whether or not incorporated.


E40. The Roads of Texas.

2nd edition. Fredericksburg: Shearer Publishing. 1995. 176p. $14.95. 0-940672-64-2.

This revision of the first edition (1988), like its predecessor, was adapted from the county maps issued by the Texas Department of Transportation, and together with the index, was prepared by members of the Texas A& M University Cartographic Laboratory and Shearer Publishing. Some 80 maps cover the state’s entire road system, from interstate to county roads. Maps also show state parks and other recreational areas, river and lake accesses, mountain peak elevations, military bases, airports, railroad lines, and bridges. In rural areas, churches, cemetaries, historic sites, and other landmarks are shown. An information section includes origins of place names, Texas forts and missions, ghost towns, road facts, notable Texans, Texas movies, roadside attractions, and more. Highly recommended.

E41. Texas Atlas and Gazetteer.

Freeport, ME: DeLorme Mapping. 1995. 168p. $24.95. 0-899-3324-12.

Sixty-four state maps and 79 city maps, all in color, comprise this atlas.

E42. County general Highway Maps.

Austin: Texas Department of Transportation, Map Distribution and Sales. Full-scale, $1.79/per sheet, sheet size 36X50, scale 1" = 1 mile half-scale, $0.32/per sheet, $0.50/per sheet colored print, sheet size 18X25, scale 1" = 2 miles quarter-scale, $0.18/per sheet, $0.28/per sheet colored print, sheet size 10X14, scale 1" = 4 miles. Bound quarter-scale book including all counties, $29.81. Payment must be made by money order or check before maps are shipped. Phone 512-465-7397.

The county maps prepared by the Department of Transportation are essentially road maps showing all public roads existing in each county. The maps also show all bridges 20 feet and longer, major drainage ditches, railroads, cities and towns, and many other features of local importance. Land surveys, ownership information, precinct lines, and school districts are not shown. Maps are usually revised annually to include changes in the State Highway System resulting from construction and from new routes added since the last major update. The number of sheets necessary for a complete map of a county varies. As noted above, a compilation of the county maps is available in small scale only. Contact the Department of Transportation for a complete listing of available maps.

E43. Official Texas Department of Transportation State Map.

Austin: Texas Department of Transportation, Map Distribution and Sales. $1.10, 3’ x 3’ lithograph print, Scale 1" = 22 miles. Phone 512-465-7397.

This state map prepared by the Department of Transportation shows all interstate, U.S., state, and farm to market roads. Loops, spurs, and park roads are shown where space permits. County lines, county names, cities, towns and villages, state and national parks, and major streams are also shown. The map is revised and updated annually.

E44. Texas Department of Transportation Traffic Maps.

Austin: Texas Department of Transportation, Map Distribution and Sales. County traffic maps, $.32.00 per sheet district traffic maps, $0.32/per sheet state traffic maps, $1.00 ea. Payment by money order or check must be made before maps are shipped. Phone 512-465-7397.

Lithographic prints of county and district maps showing traffic volumes are available only in the half-scale size. County maps are revised approximately every five years district traffic maps are revised annually.



E45. Cooking Texas Style. Tenth Anniversary Edition.

Candy Wagner and Sandra Marquez. Austin: University of Texas Press. 1993. 272p. $19.95. 0-292-79081-3.

The 10th Anniversary Edition is a somewhat revised and enlarged version of the first edition, which appeared in 1983. The more than 300 recipes (60 new to this edition) include several handed down for generations along with delightful comments about each dish. The cookbook offers traditional favorites such as ham and red-eye gravy and chicken and dumplings, as well as popular regional dishes like refried beans, fajitas, tortilla soup, and huevos rancheros, all described in Texas style.

E46. Texas Highway Cookbook.

Joanne Smith. Forward by Frank Lively. Austin: University of Texas Press. 1986. 128p. $19.95pa. 0-292-78088-5.

All recipes and the 75 full-color photographs illustrating them appeared in Texas Highways magazine, a recommendation in itself. The 275 recipes include ethnic foods, Tex-Mex, to Cajun, to German, and Texas favorites such as pecan pie, barbecue, chili, beans, and black-eyed peas.


Pencil (See also the listings under Botany in Pure and Applied Sciences.)

E47. Herb Gardening in Texas.

2nd edition. By Sol Meltzer. Houston: Gulf Publishing Co. c1992. 87p. $11.95pa. 0-88415-043-7.

This introduction to growing herbs in Texas, both indoors and outdoors, contains basic instructions and beautiful color photographs. This small work has been a popular item since it first appeared in 1983.

E48. Howard Garrett’s Plants for Texas.

J. Howard Garrett. Austin: University of Texas Press. 1996. 182p. $39.95. 0-292-72787-9; $19.95 pa. 0-292-72788-7.

A virtual encyclopedia of over 500 Texas plants (trees, shrubs, flowers, vines, grasses, vegetables, fruits, weeds, and cover crops) along with complete, easily understood instructions for planting and maintaining them. Includes Latin and common names; sun or shade requirements; mature height, spread, and recommended spacing type of bloom and fruit propagation; habit and culture; recommended uses; problems; tips; and notes for each entry. Illustrated with beautiful color photographs.

E49. Howard Garrett's Texas Organic Gardening Book.

J. Howard Garrett. Houston: Gulf Publishing Co. c1993. 248p. $21.95pa. 0-88415-505-6.

The object of this work is to show Texas gardeners how to grow plants (trees, shrubs, herbs, ground cover, flowers, vegetables, and grasses) without using harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Howard Garrett, a leading authority on organic gardening, also tells how to select native plants that grow well in Texas. Photographs, charts, calendars, and a glossary support the text.

E50. Plants of the Metroplex III.

J. Howard Garrett. Forward by Alex Burton. Austin: University of Texas Press. 1994. 96p. $17.95pa. 0-292-72775-5.

This popular work by a professional landscape architect and radio show host presents some 250 species of plants (trees, shrubs, grasses, groundcover, vines, herbs, and flowers) that grow well in North Central Texas. Information on culture, uses, and problems is listed for each plant. Some information on landscape design, planting methods, and maintenance techniques is included. Organic gardening methods are emphasized.

E51. Native Texas Plants: Landscaping Region by Region.

Sally Wasowski and Andy Wasowski. Houston: Gulf Publishing Co. 1988. 406p. $37.95. 0-87719-111-5; $27.95pa. 0-87719-201-4.

This outstanding work opens with a discussion of the varied growing conditions in 11 Texas regions. Chapters which follow each focus on a type of plant (grasses, annuals, perennial, shrubs, ornamental trees, etc.). There are 21 planting plans ten regional (both urban and natural landscapes), and others for theme gardens such as rock or water. Beautiful color photographs illustrate the work.

E52. Neil Sperry's Complete Guide to Texas Gardening.

2nd edition. Neil Sperry. Dallas: Taylor Publishing Co. 1991. $36.95. 0-87833-799-7.

The first edition of this work (1982) was well received the revised edition includes all of the information contained in the earlier work plus information on 400 additional plants and trees, the latest pest control recommendations, 500 new photographs, and 400 new illustrations. This guide provides authoritative coverage for all topics related to Texas gardening.

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