Diagram for Poster #1 – The Fingerprint

Clue #1 – The Fingerprint on the Pool Cue

  1. Look at fingerprint found on the pool cue.
  2. Is it a loop, a whorl, or an arch?
  3. Compare the print on the pool cue to the suspects’ prints.
  4. Which suspect’s print is most like the one found on the pool cue?

Fingerprint on the Pool Cue

(Place a real fingerprint here. Use the directions discussed in the forensic evidence section of the mystery chapter.)

Fingerprint Type


Arch fingerprint


Loop fingerprint


Whorl fingerprint

Suspects’ Fingerprints

Gregory Blackwell

(Place Sample Print)

Delia Jones

(Place Sample Print)

Kayla Masters

(Place Sample Print)

Ellen Smart

(Place Sample Print that matches the one on the

pool cue.)

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