Diagram for Poster #2 – The Lip Print

Clue #2 – The Lip Print on the Champagne Glass

  1. Look at the lip print on the glass below.
  2. Compare it to the prints of the suspects.
  3. Take a look at the different types of prints.
  4. Which suspect’s lip print looks most like the one on the glass?

Types of Lip Prints

lip print with short vertical lines

Short Vertical Lines

lip print with crossing lines


lip print with short horizontal lines

Short Horizontal Lines

lip print with long branching lines

Branching Grooves

Lip print Type

(Have a plastic glass with an actual lip print here.)

Suspects’ Lip Prints

Gregory Blackwell

(Sample Lip Print)

Delia Jones

(Sample Lip Print matching the one on the glass.)

Kayla Masters

(Sample Lip Print)

Ellen Smart

(Sample Lip Print)

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