Diagram for Poster #3 -- The Handwriting

Clue #3 -- The Handwriting on the Note in Nathan’s Pocket

  1. Look at the handwriting on the note below.
  2. Compare it to the handwriting samples to the right.
  3. Which sample is most like the handwriting on the note?


  1. Look at the slant in the writing.
  2. Look at capital letters.
  3. Look at loops in letters such as h, p, k, l, e, etc.
  4. Look at connecting letters such as es, os, us, etc.

Note found in Nathan's pocket

Nathan Marster's note: We have to talk soon

Handwriting Samples


Nathan Masters' Signature

Nathan Marster's signature

Gregory Blackwell

Gregory Blackwell's handwriting

Delia Jones

Delia Jones' handwriting

Kayla Masters

Kayla Masters' handwriting

Ellen Smart

Ellen Smart's handwriting


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