Teen Talk Book Discussion


Book discussion about library materials.

Intended Audience

Ages will vary but similar ages are grouped together; 5 to 10 attendees.

Program Duration

30 minutes to 2 hours (if a movie is added) on a Saturday afternoon or evening.


Librarians prepare a booklist of titles in various genres that are popu- lar with young adults.

Librarians prepare snacks, gather books and other materials related to the topic, and decorate the room, or allow the teens to do so.

Librarians prepare a few open-ended questions concerning the characters, plot, theme, or setting to begin the discussion. For example, “Who was the most interesting character?” “What surprised you about the book?”

Program Description

This program provides young adults an opportunity to discuss books that they read by joining a monthly book discussion group. For the first meeting, the librarian may select a title or genre for the teens to read. At each subsequent meeting, teens will decide upon a specific genre or type of book to read prior to the next meeting. For example, all group members may read a mystery, a biography, or a book about American history. They may also choose a title from the booklist prepared by the librarian. The librarian initiates each discussion by asking open-ended questions. If a related movie with public performance rights is available, let the young adults view it if time permits. To comply with copyright law, the library must have public performance rights for all movies and films that it shows.


All members read a specific book and discuss it. If there has been a movie based on the book and a copy with public performance rights is available, let the club members watch the movie. Provide popcorn, drinks and other “movie” snacks as well as pillows or comfortable chairs, or allow participants to bring sleeping bags, pillows, etc.

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