The Truth Sheet

Gregory Backwell, a fellow billiards player and old friend of Nathan Masters

Personality: Gregory has always been an easy-going guy. He does not anger easily. When he blew up in public, he must have been very upset.

The TRUTH: The two had been buddies for over 15 years. Gregory did NOT kill Nathan Masters. He cannot believe that anyone would think that he might have done it. He was very angry with Nathan during Round 1. He was more upset with himself for not playing well. He argued with Nathan because Nathan actually coached Gregory’s opponent. Gregory knows and likes Kayla Masters. He is pretty sure that Kayla actually wrote those books that Nathan is supposed to have written. Kayla is a brilliant writer and an excellent manager, but because she was not a player, no one would have taken her books seriously. Gregory did indeed apologize to Nathan before supper the night of the murder. Nathan accepted that apology. When Gregory left just after the midnight toast, he actually went to look for Nathan. He was checking the men’s room and the parlor. He looked out front, but he did not check the billiards room. Nathan told Gre- gory that Delia loved his money more than she loved him. He thinks Delia is shallow and is out for Nathan’s money. He also witnessed several of Delia’s tantrums. Gregory thinks that Ellen is a good player, maybe even the best ever. He sees no problem with her skills, even if she is young. He never said a thing against her and discouraged Nathan from writing the uncomplimentary things about her in his novel.

Delia Jones, Nathan Masters’ fiancée and fashion model

Personality: Delia is uppity and conceited. She doesn’t say much around the billiards group because no one is very impressed with her. She is moody, hot-tempered, and used to getting her way.

The TRUTH: Delia did NOT kill Nathan. She truly loves Nathan, but she also loves his money. Because they both love money, fame, and power, she thinks that she and Nathan would have been a wonderful match. She is truly distraught over Nathan’s death. Delia had heard little things that made her believe that something was wrong. She heard that Nathan was going to break up with her. After several snide comments from people, she decided she would confront Nathan. On the night of the party, Nathan disappeared. When Nathan did not show up for the Midnight toast, she slipped away to find him. She found him already dead in the billiards room. She was so upset that she dropped her champagne glass. She knew that everyone would assume that she committed the murder, so she decided to go back into the Ball and act as if nothing happened. She couldn’t get Nathan’s picture out of her mind, so she left at 1:00 a.m. From there she went to get a drink and think things through. She lied about going to the store because she didn’t want to tell anyone what she was so upset about. Delia never received a note from Nathan and will not admit that she saw Nathan dead until someone confronts her about the lip print. Delia despises Kayla and Gregory. She hardly even knows Ellen.

Kayla Masters, Nathan Masters’ ex-wife and tournament manager

Personality: Kayla doesn’t get a lot of attention. She is rather quiet and businesslike. She is organized and gets things done by herself. She does not make friends easily and so she kept the friends that she had before the divorce.

The TRUTH: Kayla did NOT kill Nathan. She loved him, and hoped that they would get back together. She and Nathan had a pretty good marriage. She stuck with him for 25 years and does not know why he divorced her. Kayla learned a lot while going to tournaments with Nathan. From study and observation, she learned all of the techniques involved with playing pool. Kayla did indeed write all of the books that supposedly were written by Nathan. The two decided to put his name as author because no one would want to read a billiards book written by someone who did not actually play the game. Kayla still does not want anyone to know that she really did write the books. She is afraid that the books would stop selling. Now she gets royalties from the sales. Kayla also learned how to organize tournaments and is a great tournament manager. The night of the ball, Kayla heard more rumors that Nathan was going to break up with Delia. Excited, she tried on numerous occasions to find Nathan. She lied because she didn’t want people to think that she was “chasing” him. Kayla considers Gregory and his wife to be very good friends. Kayla knows that though Ellen is indeed an excellent player, her main prob- lem is that she does not play well when she is upset. Kayla noticed that Nathan would purposely say things to upset Ellen and make her lose games.

Ellen Smart, a Competitive Billiards Player and an Avid Gardener

Personality: Ellen is smart and sophisticated, but she is easily angered.

The TRUTH: Ellen killed Nathan. Ellen was furious with Nathan and wanted him gone. On the night of the murder, she saw that Nathan was in the billiards room, so she walked in from the garden area. She challenged him to a game. While he wasn’t looking, she slipped poison into his drink. After he died, she put her pool cue back in the rack and returned to the party. She mentioned that Nathan IS the only thing standing in her way so that everyone would think that though she was talking about him as if he were alive. Ellen got the poison from her gardening supplies.

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