School Library Programs: Standards and Guidelines for Texas, 1997

School Library Programs: Standards and Guidelines for Texas, 1997 (pdf)

as adopted by the Texas State Library & Archives Commission on May 19, 1997. These Standards and Guidelines have been superseded by the adoption of revised Standards on March 19, 2004.

Texas Administrative Code

Title 13. Cultural Resources

Part I. Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Chapter 4. School Library Programs

Subchapter A. Standards and Guidelines

Section 4.1-4.7

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School Library Standards Adopted

At their May 19, 1997 meeting, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission adopted “School Library Programs; Standards and Guidelines for Texas.” The standards were adopted with several changes recommended by State Library staff, based on comments and input from citizens. The adopted version was published in the July 8,1997 issue of The Texas Register, and became effective July 17, 1997. The new sections 13 TAC §§4.1-4.7 were proposed under the Education Code §33.021 which requires the Texas State Library and Archives Commission to adopt standards for school library services, in consultation with the State Board of Education and the Government Code, §441.6(a)(1)-(2) which authorizes the Commission to govern the Texas State Library and to adopt rules to aid and encourage libraries.

The standards establish guidelines for school library programs at four levels: exemplary, recognized, acceptable, and below standard. Each level addresses criteria for the library program and describes learner impacts with regard to the library learning environment, curriculum integration, resources, library program management, and facilities. Input on these guidelines was received from more than 1,000 librarians, educators, parents, and others interested in library programs.

Copies of the new standards are being distributed to district superintendents through the Texas Education Agency (TEA). The State Library is working with the regional Education Service Centers, professional associations, and other groups to distribute copies to librarians. Several schools have reported that they are already using the standards to review their library services and plan for improving programs. The Texas State Library is working with librarians, TEA staff, the Texas Association of School Librarians, and the Texas Association of School Library Administrators to develop documents, checklists, and resources that will help librarians evaluate their programs using the new standards, plan for improvements, and garner support from other educators for changes in library services. These documents will be posted to the State Library home page as they become available.

Author: Jeanette Larson

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