TEAL Mobile Computer Lab Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mobile computer lab?laptop computers

A mobile lab consists of 15 student laptops with mice. In addition each lab contains an instructor laptop, projector, external hard drive, printer and multiple connectivity options, including convenient mobile wireless hot spots. We also have special laptops equipped with software to assist the visually impaired. Basically, each lab contains everything that we need to teach computer classes at your library.

How is your curriculum structured and who is it for?

Our curriculum is divided into three basic categories:

computer iconComputer Skills (Computer Basics, Email, and Internet)

printed document iconOffice Skills (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel)

briefcase iconFinding Employment (Resume Writing and 21st Century Job Search)

We developed our curriculum for adult learners who have little or no experience using computers. Each class is structured to include time for hands-on activities and one-on-one instruction. One of our main objectives is to provide students with a gentle introduction to computing so that they gain confidence and can begin using a computer independently.

To learn more about our offerings, please read the full course descriptions.

To access the complete curriculum, explore our resources for librarians.

How many days will you be at my library?

A library can schedule up to two consecutive days of training. We can provide two classes per day for a total of four classes. If we are at your library for two days, we will ask you to provide a secure place to store the labs overnight.

Can we schedule the same course more than once or do we need to schedule 4 different courses?

You can schedule up to 4 separate training sessions. They do not have to be different classes. For example: You might want to schedule 2 sessions on Resume Writing, 1 on Email, and 1 on Internet Basics and Cyber-Safety.

Do we need to provide physical space for these training sessions?

Yes! We need enough space for each student to sit comfortably at their laptop and for the instructors to set up their laptops, a printer and a projector. As a guideline, a standard 6 ft. table can accommodate 4 students comfortably, so ideally, we need a space that can fit 2-3 tables. If your library does not have enough space, we can work with you to find another suitable venue in your local community. Some possible alternatives might include community centers, public schools, or service organization meeting spaces.

What is the minimum and maximum number of students for the training sessions?

The minimum class size is 5 students. If your library is unable to preregister 5 students before the scheduled date, we may have to cancel the training session. If you are having trouble signing up at least 5 students, please contact us. The maximum number of students is 15.

How do I promote training sessions in my local community?

In order for training sessions to be successful, we need your help to get the word out to interested library patrons and other community members!  TEAL will provide a promotional information packet that includes customizable posters, flyers, notepads, and table tents for you to distribute in your library and around your community. If you need more promotional materials, you can download them from the Librarian Resources page. We also suggest promoting in library newsletters, local newspapers, and on your website.

If you have any other questions about the TEAL Mobile Lab Program, please don’t hesitate to ask us!


Page last modified: November 8, 2012