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Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion



Texas Free WiFi Map: interactive map listing locations around Texas where citizens can access free WiFi.

Connected Texas: illustrate the uneven access of highspeed broadband access statewide.

Center for Rural Innovation: maps local Independent School Districts without broadband access.

What is Digital Inclusion?

  • Digital Inclusion is the ability of individuals to access and use information and communication technologies (ICTs). Digital inclusion is achieved through affordable, robust Internet services, digital literacy skills, quality technical support, access to hardware and software, and opportunities for resources and services that augment inclusion efforts.
  • Read TSLAC's Digital Inclusion Statement to learn how we are assisting Texas libraries on their own digital inclusion efforts.

Ways for Your Library to Make a Difference

  • Know Your Community's Needs:
    • Use this worksheet (.docx) to find and report detailed information about the digital divide in your community.
    • Add your library's location to the Texas Free WiFi Map and share it with community partners.
    • Review discount internet options available for your community as part of the Emergency Broadband Benefit progam.
  • Know Your Library's Capacity:
    • Take the Edge 2.0 Assessment, a free tool for all accreditated Texas public libraries that surveys your library's technology offerings; use it to priortize technology advances and grant requests.
    • Work through the Toward Gigait Libraries Broadband Toolkit  to reveal your library's physical infrastructure needs to upgrade your library's internet speed. Contact Cindy and Henry for assistance.




Page last modified: May 24, 2021