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Technology Fundamentals


Integrated Library System (ILS)

  • An integrated library system (ILS) allows library staff to manage, catalog and circulate materials to patrons using computer software and allows your patrons to search, find, and manage library materials on their own (either within the library or from home).
  • There are variety of ILS vendors; use authorative reviews to choose the right one for your library's needs


  • Libraries provide access to the Internet through public computers, public WiFi networks, and in some cases, mobile WiFi hotspots.
  • Essential tools & tips for a great internet connection:
    • Perform a speed test to compare your actual download/upload speed with the projected speed from your Internet Service Provider.
    • Segment your network to ensure a secure network for your staff and patron internet usage doesn't slow staff computer use.
    • Upgrade your equipment by applying for E-Rate.
    • Enroll in You Can Do I.T. - Basic Network Technology For Libraries, a free online course from the Texas State Library to get you up to speed with the basics.
    • Count Your WiFi usage to keep up with your patron needs, how community impact, and for your annual report to TSLAC.

Public Access Computers

  • Providing computers to the public is one of the foundational technology services that libraries provide.
  • Time management software allows you to more efficiently manage patron time usage on your computers.
  • Print management software allows you to manage patron printing needs and payment.
  • You Can Do I.T. - Managing Hardware & Software (free online course from Texas State Library)
  • TechSoup Cookbooks  - free technolgoy cookbooks; software recommendations may be dated, but content is very good especially for small libraries.


Page last modified: May 7, 2020