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How Do I Get Certificates of Attendance for Workshops and Online Courses?

In-person workshop participants will be emailed a certificate of attendance for up to 19 hours of continuing education credit within two weeks of attending the workshop. For online courses, certificates of attendance may be printed off by users when a course is completed.

I Think I Have Completed All Four Components of SLM, Where's My Graduation Certificate?

Contact Katherine Adelberg at, 512-463-5475 or 800-252-9386 (toll-free for Texas) to discuss whether or not you have completed all the 4 required components of the program (Leadership and Management Essentials, Collection Development, Reference, Technology). A Graduation Certificate will be mailed to you. Graduates may also request a sample press release to send out to your community and/or we will write a letter of acknowledgement of completion of the program to your city/county officials if you desire.

When Will SLM In-Person Workshops Come Closer to My Hometown?

SLM generally moves to new locations every couple of years.  However, there are times that a town will host SLM more often, simply because the location is very central to the region and the city has the hotel and restaurant amenities necessary to comfortably accommodate all the workshop attendees.

Can I Get Financial Help In Order to Come to the In-Person Workshops?

The Tocker Foundation provides travel stipends to libraries serving populations of under 12,000 and at least 80 miles from the nearest workshop location.  They will normally pay for things like your hotel expenses, meals and mileage.  They have an online application you can download that is very easy to fill out.  See their website at for more details and to apply.

Are There Online Alternatives to the Face-to-Face SLM Components?

  • Management & Leadership Essentials -- Days 1 and 2 must be taken in person. In an emergency Day 3, which covers financial management topics, may be substituted with online course Financial Management for Texas Libraries. However, we strongly advise students to attend all three days live, for the highest quality and most useful experience.
  • Reference -- Get on the Bus: Rev Up Your Reference Training provides an online substitute while our SLM Reference Services online course is being developed.

If you would like to gain SLM credit, please notify Katherine Adelberg after completing these online courses.

What Happens If I Miss One of the Workshops?

Most of the components of this program are now available online. However, if you do miss a Management & Leadership Essentials workshop and want to make up similar content by attending other workshops that are convenient to you, Katherine Adelberg will work with you on what is appropriate and equivalent, so contact her directly.
Page last modified: August 31, 2015
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