You Can Do I.T. Basic Library Technology Series

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You Can Do I.T. - Basic Hardware & Software Skills for Public Libraries
This is an in-depth introduction to the computer hardware, software, and security systems that libraries rely on for public access computing.


Topics covered are:
  • External parts of desktop and laptop computers
  • Computer ports and cables
  • Internal parts of desktop and laptop computers
  • Computer specifications
  • Important hardware terms
  • Basic computer hardware maintenance
  • How to evaluate hardware or software before purchasing
  • Basics of BIOS security (i.e., settings and passwords)
    • Understanding the function of the operating system and device drivers
  • Installing new or connecting to printers
  • Updating your operating system, printer drivers, etc.
  • Important security software
  • Public access computer systems and system restoration software
  • Backup and Restoration Basics

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In person workshops were delivered in Spring and Fall 2016. No new workshops have been scheduled.

About the Presenter

Carson Block ( has led, managed, and supported library technology efforts for more than 17 years. He has been called "a geek who speaks English" and enjoys acting as a bridge between the worlds of librarians and hard-core technologists. He has a passion to de-mystify technology for the uninitiated, and to help IT professionals understand and support the goals of libraries.

As a consultant, Carson is often brought in to help solve complex institutional issues and to help align the library's public service mission with its technology efforts to serve the needs of patrons and staff.

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