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Texas Supports Libraries (TSL) Grant Program

Allen Memorial Public Library (City of Hawkins) - Texas Supports Libraries
Amount Awarded: $27,894.00

The Allen Memorial Public Library will create a new computer lab and will offer classes that will help individuals navigate the internet and complete job applications online. The Allen Memorial Public Library hopes to teach seniors, the technologically challenged, and every-day people how to use a computer, including programs such as Word and Excel.

Austin Public Library - Understanding for All/Comprensión Por Todos
Amount Awarded: $150,072.00

The Austin Public Library will provide certified, professionally trained translators/interpreters—who are bilingual in Spanish and English—to offer Limited English Proficient community members culturally and linguistically appropriate assistance.

Burnet County Library System - Texas Supports Libraries
Amount Awarded: $60,927.00
Burnet County Libraries will provide improved technology such as new computers with more functionality, faster internet speeds, and installed programs such as Microsoft Office. With improved technology, the community's home school and public school students will be able to work on school projects, engage in remote learning and connect with their teachers and other students. Adult patrons will be able to access job applications, search local social services, engage in continuing education, and reach out to family and friends.

Cockrell Hill Public Library - Digital Literacy & Patron Autonomy in the Library
Amount Awarded: $15,037.00
The Cockrell Hill Public Library will provide library patrons with the opportunity to learn and use technology at the library, building confidence through direct experience.  The library will provide initial instruction on computer technology through computer literacy classes, encouraging participants to use the information that is gained from classes at home.

Driscoll Public Library - Texas Supports Libraries – Computer
Amount Awarded: $5,846.00
The Driscoll Public Library will purchase five new PC workstations. These computers will be used to provide (1) one Telehealth Workstation, (1) one job application station, (1) one station for online testing or licensing via Zoom/Video and (3) three stations equipped with newer software and apps required to construct online resumes and conduct job searches.

Fannie Brown Booth Memorial Library – Texas Supports Libraries
Amount Awarded: $13,138.00
The Fannie Brown Booth Memorial Library will encourage patrons to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines by providing masks and hand sanitizer to use free of charge when inside the library. Additionally, a Library Book Sanitizer will be deployed. The Library Book Sanitizer will sanitize up to six books at a time in 30 seconds using UV-C light and air pressure. The sanitizer can be used for books, electronics, keyboards, and more.

Fort Worth Public Library - Texas Supports Libraries Program - Workforce Development Grant
Amount Awarded: $24,282.00
The Fort Worth Public Library will implement a workforce development program based on the Northstar Digital Learning curriculum and training.  The project includes staff development, public education and training, as well as a professional public marketing strategy to address needs for digital skills inclusion, technology education, and inequities in opportunity and accessibility.

Harlingen Public Library - Computer Lab and Classroom Project
Amount Awarded: $50,000.00
The Harlingen Public Library will increase access to essential technology for all community members through the creation of a computer lab and classroom. The library will then provide programs based on the technology needs of their community.

Harris County Public Library - Citizen's Academy
Amount Awarded: $27,706.00
The Harris County Public Library will create a resource guide and educational series to teach participants how to interact with local government resources, including accessing health, housing, food, educational, career development, and mental health resources.

Jeff Davis County Library - Connecting Jeff Davis County to the World
Amount Awarded: $9,795.00
The Jeff Davis County Library will provide scheduled and emergency internet access via satellite Wi-Fi to unserved residents of Jeff Davis County. Library patrons who are equipped with digital devices and Wi-Fi will more easily access social services enrollment, job and student loan applications, telemedicine, as well as other resources.

Joe Barnhart Bee County Library - Bee Connected
Amount Awarded: $10,000.00
The Joe Barnhart Bee County Library will create a tech lending program that would reach individuals with little to no internet service within Bee County.

Lake Travis Community Library - Lake Travis Community Library Hotspots
Amount Awarded: $11,125.00
The Lake Travis Community Library will double the number of mobile hotspots in their collection and better meet community needs for digital inclusion.

Longview Public Library - Helping Longview Community Stay Healthy & Connected to Technology
Amount Awarded: $12,458.00
The Longview Public Library will purchase a Super Book Sanitizer to sanitize computer equipment, such as keyboards and mice, in the computer lab. Additionally, the library will lend 22 mobile hotspot devices to job seekers, public school students, and upwards of 17,000 Longview residents.

Maud Public Library - Digital Literacy Programming
Amount Awarded: $20,000.00
The Maud Public Library will provide free computer classes.

McAllen Public Library - Grab N Go: Job Fair in a Bag
Amount Awarded: $35,127.00
McAllen Public Library will provide laptops and hotspots through a lending program to encourage patrons to utilize technology for their job searches. The program will also feature a drive-by job fair that encourages participants to pick up a kit that will include physical and digital books of MPL's library catalog for workforce development. Other resources offered will include tips on resume building, interview tips, and best practices on maximizing a job search.

Midland County Public Library - Digital Outreach Project
Amount Awarded: $58,776.00
Midland County Public Libraries will provide digital literacy training for seniors to empower seniors to use telehealth, connect with friends and family, and avoid the isolation that has become detrimental to the mental health and wellbeing of older adults throughout the pandemic.

New Braunfels Public Library - Texas Supports Libraries
Amount Awarded: $12,509.00
New Braunfels Public Libraries will make hotspots available to areas in the community that demonstrate the most need for internet access. The Wi-Fi Hotspot + Chromebook Lending Program will be available individually or as a bundle for four weeks with one renewal if no other holds exist. Each bundle will come with a "Quick Start" guide. Users with additional questions will be encouraged to attend the library's Device Advice program.

Nueces County Public Libraries - Path to Citizenship Support
Amount Awarded: $49,999.00
Nueces County Public Libraries will offer free home and office library technology, free citizenship kits, and resources to conduct basic legal research at the Law Library.

Partners Library Action Network (PLAN) - Small/Rural Library Leadership Initiative
Amount Awarded: $46,640.00
The Partners Library Action Network (PLAN), formerly the Central Texas Library System, Inc. or CTLS, will provide a series of leadership development trainings for librarians and library employees who serve small libraries across Texas to help them better deal with the COVID pandemic and serve their communities.

Port Isabel Public Library - Need a JOB? We can HELP!
Amount Awarded: $38,149.00
The Port Isabel Public Library will provide weekly classes to teach patrons how to use a computer for job searches online and register with the Texas Workforce Commission. Classes will also include a resume writing section to help participants update or create a new resume.

Round Rock Public Library System - Texas Supports Round Rock
Amount Awarded: $49,999.00
The Round Rock Public Library will purchase a subscription to O’Reilly Books, hire a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) consultant, add the digital version of Pimsleur Language Program, and install additional hold lockers.  The aim is to futureproof workforce development efforts, identify and correct diversity blind spots in the organization, expand digital formats, and provide safer ways to access library materials for the community.

San Antonio Public Library - Older Adults Device Lending Program
Amount Awarded: $180,400.00
The San Antonio Public Library will continue to pilot a new free device lending program aimed at improving digital literacy and fostering connection during times of social isolation. The program will allow Bexar County residents ages 60 years or older to borrow an iPad from a city-managed senior center.  Borrowers can keep the device at home for up to six months to help them connect with friends and family, browse the Internet, connect with a health care provider, engage in leisure activities and use mobile apps. The devices will come with a free wireless connection to access the Internet, as well as access to free tech support and training from program partners.

South Texas College - Student Success Program
Amount Awarded: $63,556.00
The South Texas College will provide up to 200 eligible students a dual-pronged package of technology and supplemental support services to increase the student pass rate. The goal of the proposed project is for participating students to meet or exceed the pass rate of the general student population.

Stonewall County Library - Patron Computers
Amount Awarded: $11,000.00
The Stonewall County Library will provide new computers, allowing patrons to meet their technology needs.  As a COVID-19 prevention measure, the library will also provide laptop computers that patrons may use to promote social distancing.

Texas Woman's University - Developing Digital Competencies
Amount Awarded: $69,975.00
Texas Woman's University will offer three workshops to train library staff about digital competencies to enable them to better support students; additionally, TWU plans to offer a Summer Seminar for students to build digital competencies. Students will have access to Virtual Digital Competencies Lab consisting of laptops, mobile hotspots, and the necessary software to attend the Seminar from any location.

The Library at Cedar Creek Lake - Cedar Creek Lake Community Enrichment Pod Program
Amount Awarded: $17,961.00
The Library at Cedar Creek Lake will provide a ventilated sound-controlled privacy pod to offer a quiet and private space for small group use. The pod will be fully equipped for video conferencing through the inclusion of a Chromebase All-in-One Desktop solution. This program will add a level of focus and privacy not currently available for their workforce and educational offerings and allow for the addition of new small group and individual assistance programs that are not currently feasible.

Texas Telehealth Grant Program

Austin Public Library - Health for All
Amount Awarded: $50,000.00
The Austin Public Library will provide telehealth booths--which are private, secure pods within the Austin Public Library System--to individuals who want to consult with their medical providers remotely. Accessing telehealth services via technology will address health equity by making digital technology, digital literacy, and internet coverage more accessible to those who need it.

Hillsboro City Library - Telehealth Grant
Amount Awarded: $25,000.00
The Hillsboro City Library will create a telehealth conferencing center to increase access to healthcare by providing the public with a private, dedicated space that is equipped with computers, medical information, and trained library staff. The telehealth conferencing center will include privacy booths that are equipped with furniture, computers, and other teleconferencing essentials.

Jeff Davis County Library - Healthy Jeff Davis County
Amount Awarded: 25,000.00
The Jeff Davis County Library will increase capacity to provide telehealth and related technology assistance by improving the equipment used for telehealth appointments and assuring confidentiality by soundproofing the private meeting room. The library partners with Amistad, a social services agency in El Paso, to offer a private space, computer, internet connection, and technical assistance for a counseling service for veterans and their spouses. The current room is not soundproof and is not as private as it should be.

McAllen Public Library - Care4Me Program
Amount Awarded: $25,000.00
The McAllen Public Library will allow community patrons to utilize the necessary technology and resources to access telehealth services for any doctor's appointments. Residents will be able to utilize a designated space at the library to log in to their personal telehealth provider and attend their appointments and/or follow-ups.

Texas Digital Navigators Grant Program

Austin Public Library - Connectivity for APL's Community
Amount Awarded: $250,000
The Austin Public Library will provide one-on-one individualized training to Austin/Travis County residents to remove barriers to social services, language services, health literacy programs, education, and workforce development resources. Participants will develop and improve their digital skills to access the library’s resources.

Brownsville Public Library - BPLS- Beyond the Digital Stars
Amount Awarded: $80,000
The Brownsville Public Library System will allow patrons to utilize iPads in their own homes through a lending program offered at both library branches. The program helps meet a critical need for internet access in an underserved community. The COVID-19 pandemic amplified the stark need for improved internet access as basic services became available exclusively online.

Dr Hector P. Garcia Memorial Library - Texas Digital Navigators 2022
Amount Awarded: $70,000
The Dr. Hector P. Garcia Memorial Library will hire digital navigators to provide training, workshops, regular contact with community members, equipment set-up/installation, as well as other community-based efforts. Community participants who complete training provided by the digital navigators will be eligible to borrow Chromebooks that are provided thru this grant project.

Dublin Public Library - Digital Navigator
Amount Awarded: $70,000
The Dublin Public Library will use the Digital Navigator funds to learn about the technology needs in the community and to address those needs.

Harris County Public Library - HCPL Digital Navigators
Amount Awarded: $300,000
The Harris County Public Library will hire four Digital Navigators, one for each commissioner precinct, to design and deliver instruction to support increased internet access. Navigators will also assist residents access technology such as Wi-Fi devices and Chromebooks, supporting the public library's ambitious ECF proposal.

Lakehills Area Library - Texas Digital Navigators Grant
Amount Awarded: $70,000
The Lakehills Area Library will provide patrons the ability to use library technology safely from home by offering basic instruction, connectivity, technology, and safety training to patrons. The program will focus on patrons who are over 55 years of age since this age group often demonstrates more need for assistance with basic technology.

Lubbock Public Library - Digital Navigator Program
Amount Awarded: $70,000
The City of Lubbock Libraries will provide computer literacy instruction in both libraries as well as the community to help vulnerable populations access digital resources.

Martindale Community Library - Martindale Community Library Digital Navigators 2022
Amount Awarded: $70,000
The Martindale Community Library will provide technology and instruction to improve access to the internet for residents of the Martindale area. In order to enhance the use of the equipment, the proposed program will provide trained staff to offer guidance and instruction.

Pottsboro Area Public Library - Digital Navigators 2022
Amount Awarded: $70,000
The Pottsboro Area Public Library will provide three Digital Navigators, as well as a Digital Navigator Coordinator to offer in-person and over-the-phone guidance to connect participants to the internet, as well as build their digital skills.

Wilson County Public Libraries - Wilson County Digital Navigator Grant Program
Amount Awarded: $110,000
The Wilson County Public Library will hire an additional Librarian who has obtained their Master of Library Sciences Degree and will provide solutions for internet connectivity issues among the rural areas of the county.

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