CARES Grant Application Process

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For more information or questions about the CARES Grant application process, please contact:

Grants Administrator


Step 1: Prepare 


Step 2: Review

 The questions below are exactly the questions you will be asked in the GMS. Pay specific attention to the rubric on pages 9-10 of the Notice of Funding Opportunity to see how they will be scored.

  1. Needs Assessment: Describe identified community needs arising from or highlighed by the COVID-19 emergency.
  2. Program Purpose: Describe how your program or service can meet identified community need arising from or highlighted by the COVID-19 emergency.
  3. Budget: Please indicate what items the library will purchase, as well as a cost per unit, where indicated. If exact quantity and/or cost information is unavailable, please provide an estimate.
  4. Sustainability: Describe the resources that will be used to support the program or service developed through the grant in the future. 

Step 3: Apply

  • You may apply through the TSLAC Grant Management System (GMS) or by email or mail by completing  this  APPLICATION.
  • Write your responses to the grant application questions in a word processing program (Microsoft Word, etc) then copy-paste them into the fields in the GMS.
  • Build time into your schedule to collect the appropriate signature on the Grant Application Certification Form. We understand that these signatures may prove difficult to obtain given the present situation. We are willing to work with you if you let us know you may run into difficulties with this task. 

Helpful Forms

  • Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO): TSLAC CARES Grant Program (PDF)
    Includes the rubric (pages 9-10) used to evaluate all responses.
  • Forms to be printed, signed, scanned/uploaded back into the GMS or emailed/mailed with your application:
    • CIPA Form, self-signed (Word Doc)
    • Application Certification Form, signed by a governing authority.
      • Found within your GMS application if submitting in GMS
      • If submitting by email or mail, the signature line on your printed application serves as your Application Certification Form and must be signed by a governing authority.
Page last modified: June 1, 2021