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For more information or questions about the CARES Grant application process, please contact:

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Frequently Asked Questions about the CARES Grant Program

     Questions from participants of TSLAC CARES - Cycle 1 were collected, answered, and provided as a                resourse for you to use as you begin your TSLAC CARES - Cycle 2 application.


       How can my library use the CARES grant funds? 

The TSLAC CARES grant program funds community needs identified by Texas libraries in areas of digital access and inclusion to include programs, training, and tools necessary to increase community access to vital digital technologies and services. Additionally, funds may be utilized for library initiatives that support prevention, preparation, and response to the COVID-19 emergency. 

  • This grant program will fund the expansion of digital access in areas of Texas where such access is lacking, including the purchase of internet-enabled devices and provisions for technical support services in response to the disruption of schooling and other community services during the COVID-19 emergency. 
  • This grant program will fund efforts that prevent, prepare for, and respond to situations arising from the COVID-19 emergency.

Are there any provisions on what the CARES grant will not fund? 

This grant program will NOT fund the following costs:

  • Capital expenditures related to the purchase of real property, buildings, motor vehicles, construction or expansion of facilities, or renovation costs, including fixtures and services.
  • Food, beverages, food delivery equipment or services, awards, honoraria, prizes, or gifts.
  • Equipment or technology not specifically associated with COVID-19 emergency services and programs.
  • Transportation/travel for participants or library personnel or performers or presenters whose purpose is to entertain rather than to educate.
  • Databases currently offered or similar to ones offered by the agency (i.e., a magazine index database may not be purchased if a comparable one is provided by the agency).
  • Collection development purchases not specifically associated with COVID-19 emergency services and programs.
  • Advertising or public relations costs not specifically associated with the COVID-19 emergency services and programs.
  • Staffing or fringe benefit costs.

See Notice of Funding Opportunity for a more detailed list of grant eligibility. 

Can my library apply to more than one grant cycle? 

Yes. However, applicants may only receive one award under the TSLAC CARES grant program. For example, if you apply in Cycle 1 and are unsuccessful, you are encouraged to apply again in Cycle 2. If you are awarded funding under the TSLAC CARES grant program, you are not eligible to submit an application for subsequent TSLAC CARES grant program cycles. 


Frequently Asked Questions about the grant application process

How do I get set-up in GMS or make changes to my current GMS account?

If you need a GMS account or need to make changes to an existing GMS account, please fill out THIS FORM and email it to with your request. Someone will contact you with further information concerning your request. 

How do I submit my grant applicaiton? 

Grant applications and required documents can be submited electronically, using:

  • TSLAC's grant managment system (GMS). TSLAC uses a grant management system or GMS that enables applicants to apply for grants electronically through a web portal at
  • By email. Email application and required documents to the TSLAC Grant Administrator, via email at The e-mail should reference “TSLAC CARES Grant” in the subject line. 
  • By mail. Mail submissions must be postmarked by September 20, 2020. Please send mail submissions to: 

Texas State Library and Archives Commision
Library Development & Networking Division
PO Box 12927
Austin, Texas 78701

What needs to be in my grant application? 

The grant application consists of the following components:

1.     Application Certification Form signed by appropriate signing authority.
2.     Program narrative and budget.
3.     Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) certification form .

Before submitting an application, the applicant organization must have a current and active D-U-N-S® Number. Information on how to obtain a DUNS number may be found on D&B’s website. Obtaining a DUNS number is free.

Where can I find the Grant Application Certification Form in GMS? 

Your Grant Application Certification Form is located within your GMS application. It is pre-populated with your information as you fill out your application. Below is a screenshot of where you can locate your Grant Application Certfication Form within your GMS application. Print it out, have it signed by your governing authority, and upload it to your grant application in GMS as a note.


Who can submit the grant for the library? 

Any individual authorized to use GMS and having the correct security role will be able to submit the application in GMS. Applicants will be required to submit the signed application certification. The application certification form must be signed by an individual authorized to enter into contracts with the State of Texas (e.g., county judge, city manager, etc.). 

Page last modified: June 1, 2021