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Download the Library Technology Academy FAQ PDF!

For questions about the application process or more info: please contact:

Cindy Fisher
Library Technology Consultant &
Grant Manager for the

Library Technology Academy
Phone: 512-463-4855 or 1-800-252-9386 (Toll-free in TX)

Step 1: Prepare


Step 2: Review

 The questions below are exactly the questions you will be asked in the GMS. Pay specific attention to the rubric on pages 9-10 of the Notice of Funding Opportunity to see how they will be scored.

  1. Needs Assessment: Provide details about the community (audience) you serve. Include information about your population and demographics.  Describe any unique needs your library is meeting or striving to meet for the community.  Provide details on how participation in the Library Technology Academy will better equip you to meet those goals. Describe the current mission and strategic plan for your library.
  2. Improvement: Describe your library’s current approach to managing library technology. Include how library’s technology strategic decisions are made. Describe how the library obtains funding for technology, including any grants or partnerships. Describe how participation in this project will enhance or improve your library’s ability to make strategic decisions concerning library technology.
  3. Sustainability: Describe the organizational support you will have to participate in the program. Include outside support from local partners and community members. Include additional partnerships and/or funding sources that could provide continued support. Describe the organizational support you will have to implement strategies learned from the Library Technology Academy after the grant cycle ends.
  4. Personnel: Describe who will attend Library Technology Academy. Include their qualifications to perform these duties. Include time they will spend fulfilling duties associated with this project for the length of the grant period.

Step 3: Apply

  • Write your responses to the grant application questions in a word processing program (Microsoft Word, etc) then copy-paste them into the fields in the GMS.
  • IMPORTANT! When you reach the budget portion of your application, you are only required to fill in the lines specific to areas: Materials and Supplies and Travel. 
    • For the dollar amount for Materials and Supplies, please type $10,000. In the space for description, please type, “Library technology resources to be determined post-training.”
    • For the dollar amount for Travel, please type $1,000. In the space for description, please type, “Travel from home town to in-person training for two people, including lodging and transportation
  • Build time into your schedule to collect signatures on necessary forms (below) and letters of support.
  • Contact Cindy if you have any questions at all about anything! 512-463-4855 or

Helpful Forms

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