Small Library Management Program - Board Resources

We often receive questions from librarians about boards and trustees. Here is a list of frequently asked questions and online resources that may be helpful.

If you have questions or need additional training, please contact library consulting at  

Is there a handbook or online curation available that offers an overview for library boards or trustees?

The Public Library Advisory Board Handbook, revised by Dr. Julie Todaro in 2012, from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission provides information on interacting with and managing library boards in Texas.

The Library Trustee Center from Utah State Library features archived webinars and additional resources from other national organizations and libraries.

The Colorado Public Library Board & Trustee Handbook provides definitions of different types of boards.   

A grant from the U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services allows TSLAC to offer access to United for Libraries to Texas librarians. This resource includes a Trustee Academy. For login information, contact library consulting at

What does a sample board meeting agenda look like?

Sample Notice and Agenda for Board Meetings from the Public Library Advisory Board Handbook provides an example for a board meeting agenda.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a board/trustee member?

The National Council of Nonprofits provides an overview on the actions and responsibilities of board members.

Where can I find videos that are useful in training board/trustee members?

United for Libraries offers short overviews of different topics for trustees at Short Takes for Trustees. For login information, contact library consulting at

The Utah State Library has curated a video playlist on trustee roles.

This humorous series of videos from the Wyoming State Library focuses on library board and trustee responsibilities.

Where can I find archived webinars that will provide an overview of interacting with boards from a librarian perspective?

Public Library Advisory Board Overview from the Public Library Advisory Board Handbook.

WebJunction Webinars online courses focusing on boards and trustees.

Where can I find books about library boards?

Books from the Library Science Collection


Page last modified: May 2, 2022