Small Library Management - Courses

Original SLM Certificate Requirements - Honored through December 2022

The four courses listed below provide a foundation for responsive library services. A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the core courses. These courses may count toward the ten hours of Continuing Education credits required for library accreditation by the Texas Administrative Code.

  1. Leadership and Management Essentials is a 3 day in-person workshop offered every two years but is currently on hold. Financial Management or the Personnel Management course will count for this requirement. Please email for questions.
    • Day 1 introduces the fundamentals of leadership, including communication skills and leading through change.
    • Day 2 focuses on personnel management, human resources, and policy development.
    • Day 3 covers financial management including budgeting, financial planning, and audit requirements.
      • Financial Management - online option for those unable to attend Day 3 of Leadership and Management Essentials; completion of this online course will count towards this requirement.

  2. Reference online course provides a comprehensive overview that includes the reference interview, tech tools, online search strategies, and TexShare databases.

  3. Collection Development online course explains the basics of evaluating, selecting, marketing, and weeding library collections.

  4. Technology. For this criteria, we are currently asking that you complete the You Can Do I.T. online course, which explores basic network technology for libraries. If you completed the SLM Technology online course, this will still count towards fulfilling this section.


We are updating our program! For more information, visit our recent blog post here.

The Leadership and Management Certificate is designed for those wanting to improve their skills in personnel or volunteer management as well as long-range planning. (Complete 4)

  • Introduction to Financial Management (online course available now!)
  • *Personnel Management (online and in person course coming in 2020)
  • *Library Professionalism and Values (online course coming in 2021)
  • Additional courses to be announced

The Library Operations Certificate is designed for those wanting to successfully implement the core functions of public libraries. (Complete 4)

  • Collection Development (online course available now; update in progress)
  • You Can Do I.T. (online course available now!)
  • Technology 101 (online course coming in 2020)
  • *Library Professionalism and Values (online course coming in 2021)
  • Additional courses to be announced

*Required for track completion

Additional training

Access the State Library's Online Training site and watch our step-by-step videos (on YouTube) for detailed instructions.

For information or assistance contact:

800-252-9386 (toll-free in TX)


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