Library Administration Succession Planning

Who’s in charge when you can’t be?  Whether a departure is planned or unexpected, it’s wise to have a plan in place for the successor. Here are resources for board members and directors/librarians to consider and use in creating this important piece of library administration.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning for Busy Libraries and Boards, presentation by Stacey Malek and Laurie Mahaffey, New Braunfels Public Library, 2019

How to Implement Succession Planning, Definitions, justification, plans and methods from the Social Security Administration

Succession Tool Kit: Resource with checklists, timelines and information over 39 pages, created by Sage Solutions for Montana State Library, 2016

Emergency Succession Template: Nine-page form created by Center for Nonprofit Advancement, 2006

Slide decks from Spring 2015 online webinar series Trustee Training with Sage Solutions, Terry Profota and Teresa Geremia-Chart, Montana State Library

Helping Organizations Achieve Successful Leadership Transitions: Report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, 2009

Hiring a New Director

Hiring a New Director Resource Packet: Resources developed by a COSLA working group

Washington State Library Public Library Trustee Wiki : Information and resources under “How to Hire a Library Director”

Board Roles and Relationships

Happily Ever After: Board-Director Relationships that Work: Four-part webinar series by Catherine Hakala-Ausperk of Libraries Thrive Consulting for Montana State Library, 2014  

Trustee Trouble:  The Misadventures of a New Library Board Member: A series of videos for new board members for Wyoming State Library; succession planning tips in episodes #4, #7, #10

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