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Note: All submissions are now due online.

Want to provide your students with a visual overview of how the contest works? The Texas Center for the Book has teamed with the Library of Congress to produce a video that quickly and concisely connects the main ideas of the contest into a short presentation ideal for pitching to your class or administrative team. Note: Contents still applies. However, submissions are now due online by Dec. 14, 2018.

In these videos, Texas authors, Nikki Loftin and Paulette Jiles share the importance of readers connecting to their favorite authors.


Thumbnail image that links to the PDF of printable bookmarks

Help spread the word of the Letters About Literature Contest with these printable bookmarks (PDF). These bookmarks act as the perfect reminder for potential participants and provide a basic overview of how Letters About Literature works.





Thumbnail image of participation certificate that links to a printable PDF file of the participation certificate

Letters About Literature 2018-2019 Certificate of Participation (PDF)- Fill out and print the form for participants.






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The key dates listed on this PDF will help educators remain aware of upcoming contest deadlines, due dates and other timely details.





Thumbnail image that links to a PDF file Teaching Guide for Letters About Literature


This teaching guide provides a step-by-step process for in-class or at-home instruction of Letters About Literature. The guide offers an overview of the reading and writing aspects of the contest and offers prompts to engage students prior to putting pen to paper.





Thumbnail image of the Letters About Literature Contest flyer - links to a PDF file containing rules and entry coupon. This printable PDF handout of submission steps contains everything your student needs to enter Letters About Literature. The double-sided sheet, provided by the Library of Congress, provides an overview of the contest with essential information. Plan to make sure entries are in to the new online submission platform by Dec. 14, 2018.

Be sure to check out the official rules required by the Library of Congress. A permission form is required for all students entering who will be under 13 years of age (meaning 12 or younger) as of Nov. 1, 2018.




A chalkboard graphic with the text in chalk style saying Read. Be inspired. Write back. Theme: how did an author's work change your view of the world or yourself?


There are three categories for contestants:  

Level 1 - Grades 4-6   
Level 2 - Grades 7-8
Level 3 - Grades 9-12.

READ - Select a fiction or nonfiction book, a poem or play you have read that you feel strongly about[MH1] . (Sorry, no song lyrics!) It might be a book that helped you through a difficult time, or it might be a book that simply touched your heart or inspired you.

REFLECT - Think before you write. How did this author’s work change you or your view of the world? How and why are you different now than you were before you read this work?

PERSUADE - Write a personal letter to the author stating how reading his or her work changed you. Be personal and persuasive! Support your ideas with specific details, including details from the work itself. This is not a fan letter, but rather a reflection on how an author influenced you.

WRITE - Type your entry in letter format. All submitted letters must be typed.

SUBMIT - Upload your letter to the new online submission platform. Be sure to read the submission steps and official rules from the Library of Congress. A permission form is required for all students entering who will be under the age of 13 on Nov. 11, 2018.

Plan to make sure entries are in by Dec. 14, 2018.

Need some tips to get started? Not sure how to write a personal letter? Visit Letters About Literature website to read winning letters from past competitions and to access the Letters About Literature Teaching Guide (PDF).

Here are the complete Rules and Guidelines for 2018 (PDF).                                                


The Library of Congress has a FAQ sheet on their website: www.read.gov/letters. Link to the online submission form will be available by Nov. 1, 2018.

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