Our Services to Texas Librarians

From library development to library resource sharing - this section links you to all of our services that support and promote public and academic libraries and librarians in Texas.

Texas Libraries

From library statistics and accreditation, to summaries, to publications and other resources, to professional associations and discussion groups -- if what you seek has to do with Texas Libraries, you'll find it starting here.

  • Public Libraries
    Links to projects and resources for public libraries, including Texas Reading Club, the Small Library Management Training Program, and Public Library Statistics and Directory.
  • Academic Libraries
    Links to Texas Academic Library Statistics, Accreditation and Library System Membership, and the TexShare program.
  • School Libraries
    Links to Texas school library standards and guideline recommendations by the Texas State Library, and to Accreditation and Library System Membership. Includes briefings for school administrators and suggestions for parent involvement.
  • Library Accreditation-All Library Types
    The Texas State Library and Archives Commission accredits libraries on an annual basis. Accredited libraries are eligible to apply for membership in the Texas Library System. Includes accreditation materials for public, academic, public school (K-12), non-public school (K-12), governmental, and research/special libraries.
  • Texas Library System Act, Rules for Administering, and Library Systems Act Advisory Board
    Provides links the Library System Act statute and its administrative rules.

Our consultants have broad-range expertise in library automation; in services to children and young adults; in library management and planning; in management of volunteer services; in public relations and marketing; in outreach services to disadvantaged, minority and handicapped persons; and in library services for state residential institutions.

Continuing Education
Link to discover the variety of continuing education opportunities that are available both face-to-face and via distance for the staff of public, school, academic, and special libraries in Texas.

Information on grants and state contracts for your library is just a click away. Learn how your library may be eligible and apply for publicly-funded Telecommunications and Library Services and Technology grants in addition to available privately-funded awards. Learn how your library can take advantage of state contracts to save money.

Library of Texas
The Library of Texas service allows users of public, academic, and clinical medicine libraries to easily discover and retrieve desired information from multiple library catalogs, the TexShare databases, and other knowledge collections without having to use each individual library's interface. Patrons and librarians can click on the above link to learn more.

Library Science Collection
Find out how to borrow materials from this unique collection of resources for audiences in different types of libraries. "Ask the Librarian" for information to enhance your decision making and learning.

Online Databases
A selection of online databases for public libraries and government agencies, this service provides public library users and Texas state government agency personnel access to proprietary indexes, journal articles, book chapters, and reference resources.

Follow this link to discover how your public library can participate in such special projects as the Texas Reading Club, Z-Texas Profile Project and the Small Library Management Training Program.

Reference Services
The Reference Desk of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission offers reference assistance to all librarians.

Resources for Librarians
Link to a virtual directory of our wide variety of resources such as Read to Your Bunny, Texas Reading Club, Texas Public Library Statistics, Academic Library Statistics and School Library Standards, just to name a few.

Talking Book Services

Texas Library Systems
The Texas Library System is comprised of ten regional library systems across the state funded by contract with the Texas State Library. Nearly every public library in the state is a member of the system. Member libraries receive many benefits from the system including consulting and continuing education services, and support for such projects as literacy, English as a Second Language, and automation.

TexNet Interlibrary Loan Program
TexNet is a statewide interlibrary loan network including academic, public and special libraries throughout Texas. Learn how you can enable your library's patrons to access materials not available locally.

TexShare exists to support and enhance resource sharing among Texas libraries. Discover how TexShare helps academic and public libraries share their combined resources and collections to better serve Texans.

TRAIL Program Information
Our online Texas Records and Information Locator is your first,and most likely last stop for state government electronic publications available on the Internet.

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