(April 2000 - August 2003)
Legislative Budget Board update 03-02

Legislative Budget Board update 03-2002

Building on a Strong Foundation -- Implementing the Library of Texas Project

The Library of Texas (LoT) makes use of a partnership between the State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board (TIFB) to provide critical information resources and services to Texans. In the second phase of the Library of Texas project, TSLAC continues its support of the expanded online database program that was initiated in Phase I. Additionally, we are implementing the remaining components of the LoT. Amendments to Project Funding: FY02/03 funding changes: TIFB amended the grant award for LoT from $11,026,887.00 to reflect an increase of $2,254,805.00 for a total award of $13,281,962.00. TIFB also amended the grant term, which now runs from 09/01/2001 - 08/31/2003.

Accomplishments 9/01/01 - 2/28/02:

1) A contract was awarded to Blue Angel Technology for the Electronic Depository Program, a system that will allow the capture, indexing, cataloging, storing, and web access of government electronic information.

2) TSLAC completed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of North Texas to be a host site for the Electronic Depository Program.

3) The Government Information Technology Team, comprised of Texas documents librarians, met and established the set of preservation metadata that will be the standard for the Electronic Depository Program.

4) TSLAC completed an interagency contract with the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge (TxCDK) at the University of North Texas to provide coordination and proof of concept of the Virtual Library. The Virtual Library is a service that will provide simultaneous searching of library catalogs, electronic government information, and commercial online databases.

5) As part of the Virtual Library project, TxCDK drafted a technology Inventory and Assessment which will identify the current state of Texas library technology with regards to automated library services.

6) A twenty-seven member advisory group to the Virtual Library was established. Members include representatives of the TexShare Advisory Board and Working Groups, academic and public libraries, regional library systems, TIF Library Working Group, TSLAC, the Texas Department of Information Resources, and the Texas Library Association. An electronic discussion list was established for this group. Two focus group meetings have been held thus far.

7) Seven states with which to benchmark Virtual Library function and design were identified: Alabama, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Minnesota, and Ohio.

8) TxCDK completed reviews on two products that are popular with libraries offering integrated searching.

9) The TexShare Electronic Information Working Group reviewed database purchase options. They identified the online database products that would be of highest interest for purchase this fiscal year.

10) An RFP was issued for purchase of Web Based learning software. This software will provide the mechanism through which training can be delivered to librarians throughout the state through the World Wide Web. This allows librarians to participate in training programs at times convenient to them, without traveling great distances.

11) The architecture and equipment required to establish a network of videoconference training centers was identified. Videoconferencing classrooms established in geographically diverse locations will allow librarians to be trained locally, reducing travel time and cost.


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