(April 2000 - August 2003)
Legislative Budget Board update 03-03

Legislative Budget Board update 03-2003

Building on a Strong Foundation -- Implementing the Library of Texas Project

The Library of Texas (LoT) makes use of a partnership between the State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board (TIFB) to provide critical information resources and services to Texans. In the second phase of the Library of Texas project, TSLAC continues its support of the expanded online database program that was initiated in Phase I. Additionally, we are implementing the remaining components of the LoT.

Accomplishments 12-01-02 - 02-28-03:

Electronic Depository Program

1) Customizing harvester software that contributes to the operation of the Electronic Depository Program to accommodate unique Texas state agency Web site structure.

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Resource Discovery Service

1) Issued RFP for software to run resource discovery service; response deadline is March 7, 2003.

2) Developed a prototype library directory database. Library directory database will run behind the software to enable automated selection of Texas library resources to be searched.

3) Identified technical configuration details necessary for the eight Texas library automation systems comprising 80% of the installed base of systems to participate in the LoT resource discovery service.

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TexShare Databases

1) Heritage Quest database expanded significantly, adding images from both the 1850 and 1880 censuses.

2) Ebsco databases expanded the number of full text journal titles available in the subjects of education, social sciences, business, biomedical and biological sciences, and the humanities.

3) StatRef! database updated five medical texts with 2003 editions.

4) Took a survey of a stratified random sample of TexShare libraries to determine their ability to contribute to the program through payment of access fees. Results are being tabulated.

5) Mounted a survey of TexShare libraries to determine which of the databases in the current package are most important to them.

6) Electronic Information Working Group met and established procedures for

de-selecting databases in order to keep renewal expenditures within available funding amounts.

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1) Completed installation of equipment for videoconferencing at ten videoconferencing sites. Only one site (Garland, TX) remains to be installed.

2) Continued to provide face-to-face training on the TexShare databases. A series of training events on the ProQuest databases was held in February.

3) Collaborated with the Texas Education Agency in "Link to Learn" program to train public librarians in use of statewide databases that support the K-12 curriculum. Master Trainers have been trained and will begin a statewide training effort March 1. Link to Learn Web site available at includes background information, training materials, and training schedules.

LOT Evaluation Process

1) Approved final evaluation plan for the Library of Texas project.

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