(April 2000 - August 2003)
Legislative Budget Board update 12-02

Legislative Budget Board update 12-2002

Building on a Strong Foundation -- Implementing the Library of Texas Project

The Library of Texas (LoT) makes use of a partnership between the State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) and the Telecommunications Infrastructure Fund Board (TIFB) to provide critical information resources and services to Texans. In the second phase of the Library of Texas project, TSLAC continues its support of the expanded online database program that was initiated in Phase I. Additionally, we are implementing the remaining components of the LoT.

Accomplishments 09-01-02 - 11-30-02:

Electronic Depository Program

1) Customizing harvester software that contributes to the operation of the Electronic Depository Program to accommodate unique Texas state agency Web site structure.

2) Held six classes for state agency staffs to train state agency metatagging requirements. A total of 68 persons representing 42 agencies trained thus far.

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Resource Discovery Service

1) Completed proof of concept demonstration for the Resource Discovery Service. The purpose of these demonstrations was to assess the feasibility of the functional requirements for the system compared with the current library technology marketplace.

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TexShare Databases

1) TexShare member libraries' recommendations for purchases compiled and sent to Electronic Information Working Group (EIWG).

2) Over 120 libraries are currently enrolled in the customized web page service. This service allows patrons of participating libraries expanded access to the databases from their homes and offices and provides enhanced ability to collect usage statistics.

3) Heritage Quest database expanded significantly, adding images from both the 1820 and 1910 censuses. (Heritage Quest features family and local histories as well as the complete federal census from 1790, 1800, 1810, 1820, 1840, 1870, 1910).

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1) Received signed Memorandum of Understanding from the eleventh regional location where videoconferencing systems will be installed. All Memoranda of Understanding are now signed.

2) Installed equipment for videoconferencing at 5 sites: Texas State Library and Archives Commission (Austin), Austin Public Library, Corpus Christi Public Library, Houston Public Library, Brownsville Public Library.

3) Continued to provide face-to-face training on the TexShare databases. Held 141 training sessions, attended by a total of 1,409 participants, in FY02.

4) Made available a new, online training module "Heritage Quest Online."

5) Collaborated with the Texas Education Agency in planning "Link to Learn" program to train public librarians in use of statewide databases that support the K-12 curriculum. Cooperatively developed curriculum and selected 30 master trainers.

LOT Evaluation Process

1) Draft evaluation plan completed and released to constituent group for comment.

2) Assessment of the Resource Discovery Service Proof of Concept Demonstrations completed.

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Publications and Presentations on LOT

1) "The Library of Texas: Enabling Technologies for Regional Library Services." Library Information Technology Association National Forum October 11-13, 2002.

2) "A Resource Discovery Service for the Library of Texas: Requirements, Architecture, and Interoperability Testing." Coalition for Networked Information Fall Task Force Meeting, December 5, 2002.

3) Wagner, Pam. "Spreading the Wealth," Fiscal Notes, October 2002.

4) Moen, William and Kathleen Murray. "A Service-Based Approach for Virtual Libraries," Texas Library Journal, Fall 2002.

5) Moen, William and Kathleen Murray. "Designing and Demonstrating a Resource Discovery Service for the Library of Texas," Texas Library Journal, Fall 2002.

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