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Dawn at the Alamo

Reuben M. Potter to McArdle, March 8, 1878

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Potter to McArdle, 1878

and makes the narrative of the Fall

of the Alamo much more complete

as well as correct. I am at home on

leave, owing to the infirmities of age,

and a wrench of the knee, which I

received about three years ago, &

which, for a time, crippled me se-

verely. It now only disables me from

running, & from long tramps.

I regret that the Legislature of Texas

had not the liberality to patronize

the noble work you had in contem-

plation, for such I think was the

fact. Did you proceed with your

work or is it laid aside. I will be

glad to hear from you at any time[.]

My address while on leave is that

given at the head of this letter.

I inclose [sic] this to Mr. Dixon with a

request that he will mail it to you

if you should have left his neigh-


Yours Truly

R.M. Potter

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Reuben M. Potter to McArdle, March 8, 1878, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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