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Dawn at the Alamo

Mrs. Alsbury's Story Proving "Old Candelaria" a Fraud

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Old Candelaria a fraud? Old Candelaria a fraud?

Mrs Alsbury the niece and adopted daughter

of Gov. Veramendi (therefore sister in law of Bowie)

was placed as nurse for Bowie -see "Rip" Ford's

interview with Mrs Alsbury. Do not here a proof

of imposition on the part of Mrs. Candelaria who claimed

to have been Bowie's special nurse. And if it

be implied that Bowie may have had another

nurse besides Mrs. Alsbury - surely would have known it: that lady, she

having been placed specifically in charge of her relative by

the Governor.  Yet when Col Ford asked Mrs Alsbury

"Did you see Mrs. Candelaria while in the Alamo?" she replied

"There was women in the Alamo whom I did not see"!! Could

there be any stronger Evidence of fraud than this?

Mrs Alsbury said a man was bayoneted while he clung to her.

This is where Candelaria's story comes from.

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