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Dawn at the Alamo

Reuben M. Potter to McArdle, September 1, 1874

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Potter to McArdle, September 1874

you do not mention where you locate the death of the


            The walls of the Chappel [sic] in your plan may well be

viewed as the mantle which covers the face of Agamemnon,

hiding an expression not to be portrayed, but only to be im-

gined from what surrounding visages exhibit. Have you

thought of putting any objects on the top of the church wall, or

elsewhere, to give a hint of the terrible unseen. The only

thing I can think of is a group of Mexican soldiers who

have just reached the parapet by escalade and are

looking down into the interior of the rooftop fabric as

into the crater of a volcano, each with face & attitude

that show him too much appalled to fire. I do not know

that the point of view admits of this. At the time of

the assault the front wall of the church was of the same

height as the sides, the apex or gable having since been

built. By leaving it out of the picture, the view I suggest

might be facilitated.

            Of the titles you mention for the painting I like best

"The dawn of the Alamo." Would it be improved by saying

“"The prophetic dawn of the Alamo."

            As for my unlucky inscription, it would have been

better had I written "I am baptized with the blood of

heroes”" yet it is only through the context that

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