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Dawn at the Alamo

Reuben M. Potter to McArdle, January 30, 1881

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Potter to McArdle, January 1881

who enjoy the instruction which the best

examples afford. I have no stronger

wish than that your talent may — I will not

say be appreciated, for that I believe it is, in

your own action, — but that it may soon

reap the harvest that appreciation ought

to bring.

            I would gladly incur any expense that may be

requisite for getting a photograph copy of my

portrait, but I do not know that you have

at Independence facilities for having the work

done. If not, I can arrange for having a copy

taken after the portrait is sent to Austin—

a copy of imperial size would be preferred.

            I am grieved to hear of the illness of my

little namesake, but am consoled to learn

that he is convalescent and trust that he has by this

time perfectly recovered. The same prayer I

make for your own health, which you tell me

is at present impaired. Mine con-

tinues good, my only ailment being a not

very disabling lameness of the left knee, which

it is now probably too late for time to cure;

for time is working both way[s], and now per-

haps the most strongly in the wrong direction.

In fifteen days I shall enter my eightieth


            You inquire if Major Bryan is right in his

impression that I had some prominence among

the friends of Texas in Matamoros, meaning I

presume in 1836. I do not like to boast,

but I think I may say that he is correct.

When the Texian prisoners in that city, those cap-

tives of San Patricio and Agua Dulce were

about being [to be] executed, without the three days grace

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