The Battle of San Jacinto

Reuben M. Potter's Description of Mexican Uniforms, 1874

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Handbook of Texas article on Reuben M. Potter

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Potter's description of Mexican uniforms

The dress which the Mexican infantry and

artillery troops of that day wore on a

march and in action was their fatigue suit,

consisting of white cotton round Jackets and

trowsers, [sic] with black shoulder belts crossed on the

breast. Their head dress was the old fashioned

black shako of leather or felt, beriring [bearing] the usual

pompom and metallic trimmings such as

letter and number. It often had drawn over it

a close fitting white cloth cover with the decor-

ations outside. Worsted shoulder knots of red

blue or green were worn by some battalions.

Their dragoons wore short red coats, blue

cloth trousers and high black helmets, decorated

with horse hair or bear skin. They were armed with

lances, sabers, carbines and holster pistols. [O]fficer's [sic]

seldom appeared in coats, except on dress parade.

Their costume for march or action was a blue

cloth jacket, frogged and braided, with pantaloons

to match,


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Reuben M. Potter's Description of Mexican Uniforms, 1874, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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