The Battle of San Jacinto

James M. Hill to McArdle, October 20, 1895

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James Hill to McArdle, October 1895

9. You are mistaken about it [sic]

the sun being near setting

when the enemy lines were broken.

I think the sun was two hours

high, when the fight commenc-

ed, & their line was broken as

soon as we could get to them.

[W]e were exposed to their fire

about four hundred yards, before

we opened on them, & then every

shot of ours counted. [W]e depended

on close shooting for we had

our target, or hunting rifles,

flint lock. [M]y hight [sic] is six feet[.] [M]y hair &

eyes ware [were] then dark but now gray[.] I

wore then like all the others citizens clothes.

I also wore a fur cap[.] [M]y wife has one of

my pictures which she has con-

cluded to send with a request

that you return it as soon as possible[.]

[W]ith kind regards yours etc

James M. Hill

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James M. Hill to McArdle, October 20, 1895, The Battle of San Jacinto Notebook, The McArdle Notebooks, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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