Cesar Garza

Communications Officer

TSLAC Hosts Annual Fundraiser for Families in Need During the Christmas Season

Thursday, November 14, 2013 • Austin, TX • News Release

Three Austin-area families can look forward to a more bountiful Christmas this year. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) will host its annual fundraiser for local families in need on Wednesday, December 11, from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (The sale was originally scheduled for Friday, December 6, but due to inclement weather, it has been postponed to Wednesday.)

Books, baked goods, and crafts made and donated to the sale by TSLAC staff will be sold at the Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building, across the east entrance to the State Capitol, 1201 Brazos Street, Austin. The event is free to attend, but sale prices will vary. TSLAC will donate proceeds to three needy families via Foundation Communities in Austin. Agency staff will also perform Christmas music during the sale.

In an effort to spread the word about the sale on Twitter, the agency will host a Tweetup in conjunction with the sale. A Tweetup is a gathering of Twitter users, who help promote the event by trending the event's hashtag: #ChristmasFamilies. Those unable to attend are still encouraged to use this hashtag on or before December 11 to help us promote the sale. Connect to TSLAC at

The three families we are raising funds for would be grateful for your support. Out of respect for their privacy, we are withholding their names but sharing with you some important details below. In lieu of purchasing items at our sale, you might consider donating an item on the needs and wish lists provided to us by the families:

Family 1

  • Location: Austin
  • Overview: Family of 2; wife (age 62) and husband (age 52). Both are disabled and live off a very low fixed income. They struggle to make ends meet each month and are not ever able to buy anything new.
  • Sizes (Gender: Shirt, Pant, U.S. Shoe): Wife = Womens: XL, 8 shoe | Husband = Mens: XL shirt, N/A, 10.5 shoe
  • Wish Lists: Wife = a new purse, watch, small TV for bedroom, underwear, tennis shoes, socks, coat | Husband = A new tea kettle – the whistler, a coat, tennis shoes, socks
  • Other household needs include: HEB or Wal-Mart gift cards

Family 2

  • Location: Austin
  • Overview: Family of 3; single mother (age 23) and twin boys (age 2.5). The mother supports her boys without any assistance or support from their father.
  • Sizes (Gender: Shirt, Pant, U.S. Shoe): Mother = Womens: L, L, N/A | Boys: 2T shirt and Pants, 8 shoe
  • Wish Lists: Mother = Queen Bed Frame, candles, any gift cards, queen comforter set, nail polish, TV stand | Boys = new clothes, warm clothes, socks, video games, cars, dinosaurs, anything Toy Story, a stand-up chalkboard
  • Other household needs include: 2 toddler boy beds with sheets and comforters, lamp, kitchen table with 4 chairs

Family 3

  • Location: Austin
  • Family Overview: Family of 4; single mother (age 31) and three kids: son (11), daughter (10), and son (3). Older son is autistic.
  • Sizes (Gender: Shirt, Pant, U.S. Shoe): Mother = Womens: size 7 shoes | Son (11) = Boys 14 shirt and pant, 6 shoe | Daughter (10) = Girls 16 shirt and pants, 5.5 shoe | Son (3) = Boys 5 shirt and pant, 10 shoe
  • Wish Lists: Mother = tennis shoes, laptop computer | Son (11) = Play Station 3 and games, Nintendo DS and games, legos, bike | Daughter (10) = Nintendo DS, craft kits, legos, bike; Son (3) = Power wheels, power riding car, anything Toy Story or Mickey Mouse, big legos, bike
  • Other household needs include: Any gift cards, gas cards, candles