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Texas Public Libraries Invited to Assess Digital and Technology Resources via Edge Initiative

Monday, January 27, 2014 • Austin, TX • News Release

Last year the Texas State Library and Archives Commission joined the nationwide Edge Initiative, a management and leadership tool that looks at the digital and technology resources libraries provide to communities. Now public libraries in Texas are welcome to register for Edge at and gain access to technology assessment resources, including nationally recognized benchmarks, case studies, training, reporting tools, presentation tools and templates.

Edge empowers Texas library leaders to elevate their strategic planning, shape the story of the library and communicate its value in supporting community goals and initiatives around education, health and economic development.

Last June Texas became one of the first states to use Edge, and several Texas libraries have already participated in the project as part of a pilot and soft launch.

“In every talk about our Edge results, I am building awareness of the importance of the library in the lives of our citizens,” said Gretchen Pruitt, Director of New Braunfels Public Library.

“There is no such thing as too much useful data! And Edge is so much more than that,” said Dionne Mack, Director of El Paso Public Library. “The executive tools assist with the development of customized advocacy in the way that no other tool developed for the field has done.”

View a list of Texas libraries that helped pilot Edge and would welcome sharing their experiences with you: This webpage also contains guidance and relevant links to further information.

About the Edge Coalition

Funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and led by the Urban Libraries Council, an unprecedented national coalition of 13 organizations are collaborating to help public libraries provide all people with the opportunity to enrich and improve their lives through open access to information, communication, and technology services. For more information, visit