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TSLAC Announces Fee Decrease, New System for Storage of State Records in FY2015

Friday, May 9, 2014 • Austin, TX • News Release

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission has approved the fees associated with storing non-current state records at the agency’s State Records Center in Austin. Effective September 1, 2014, the fees apply to state and local government agencies that choose to take advantage of the Center’s various, cost-effective storage services.

The current fee for storing paper records is $0.22 per cubic foot. Effective September 1, the fee will decrease to $0.20. Microfilm storage fees will also decrease by $.02 per month. Activity, disaster recovery, and microfilm production fees will remain at current levels.

The State Records Center is a 144,500 square foot facility specifically designed for the high-density, low-cost maintenance of records. The Center, which is administered by TSLAC’s State and Local Records Management Division, provides state agencies and local governments with cost-effective storage of infrequently or seldom used records in hard copy, electronic and microfilm formats.

The Center now holds nearly 375,000 cubic feet of paper records, 285,000 rolls of microfilm and has plenty of room for more.

“Next year’s reduction in the cost of paper storage is part of our ongoing efforts to remain competitive with our pricing without sacrificing our level of service,” said Craig Kelso, director of the State and Local Records Management Division.

“We also want to remind prospective state and local government customers that while it’s not mandatory to use the State Records Center, we believe it contributes to our shared responsibility to preserve the work of Texas government for the future,” Kelso said.

To that end, in FY2015 the Center will begin offering scan on demand and limited digital scanning projects to customers. It will also implement a new system that will integrate the records retention schedule process with Center storage and microfilm production, allowing customers to access the status of their holdings online, among other features.

For an overview of the Center’s imaging and storage services, call (512) 475-5155 or visit Follow TSLAC’s records management blog The Texas Record at for announcements, upcoming training, and tips from the agency’s Government Information Analysts.

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Flyer about State Records Center fees for FY2015.