Stephen Siwinski

Communications Officer

Texas State Library and Archives Commission Debuts New Exhibit: Texans' Struggle for Freedom and Equality

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 • Austin, Texas • News Release

In less than 200 years Texas has evolved from a fledging republic to one of the most powerful states in the Union. Texans have witnessed and fought in the struggle for independence and peace on the frontier and continue to make strides in the contest toward racial and gender equality.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission’s latest exhibit, Texans’ Struggle for Freedom and Equality, offers visitors the opportunity to view documents and images integral to our state's social history, illustrating the heroic efforts of early Texas settlers, the consequences of Indian and Mexican conflicts, demands for civil rights for African-Americans and Tejanos and the campaign for women's suffrage.

The exhibit will also feature the rare appearance of the William B. Travis “Victory or Death” letter, penned at the Alamo shortly before his demise in 1836. The letter will be on display for 12 days, symbolically representing the lengthy siege fought by the defenders of the Alamo, from Feb 23rd- March 6, 2015.

Through letters, photographs, and personal effects, the Texas State Library and Archives Commission  seeks to shed light on the obstacles to freedom that have been overcome through the dedication of individuals to the noble cause of equality for all Texans. For more information, visit or contact our Reference Desk at or by phone at 512-463-5455.