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Promoting the Texas Reading Club 2003

The Texas Reading Club is designed to encourage youth to read for pleasure and to promote library usage.

A statewide theme is selected each year that emphasizes ways in which reading expands young minds and encourages children to use their imaginations. It also reminds young people that reading can be great fun.

A handbook is created each year to aid in planning and programming, and the handbook, along with posters, reading logs, bookmarks, and certificates are offered by the Texas State Library to encourage participation and support of this important program.

The 2003 Texas Reading Club theme is "Mission Possible: Spy a Book!". Now is the time to order your reading club materials for 2003!

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Almost 700 Texas libraries hosted creative summer reading programs for their communities during the 2002 Texas Reading Club "Read Across Texas!".

Learn what some Texas libraries did during the Texas Reading Club in 2002

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It's not too early to begin planning your programming for 2003!

Getting the Word Out

Announce your programming within the community

1. Issue a press release to your local media - coming soon

2. We will ask Governor Rick Perry to once again proclaim a day in early June as Texas Reading Club Day. We will post his resolution here when it becomes available. Print the proclamation and post it in a prominent place within the library. Send a copy to your local newspaper along with a letter from you describing the importance of reading bewteen school years.

3. Contact local organizations that serve children and tell them about your programming: churches, day care centers, schools, WIC offices, pediatricians, etc.

4. Use the "Mission Possible: Spy a Book!" clipart in your library's promotional materials relating to the summer reading program.

Texas Reading Club 2003 clipart by G. Brian Karas

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Additional Resources for Marketing the Texas Reading Club

2003 Texas Reading Club Manual: Marketing, Cooperation, and PR - coming soon

Marketing the Texas Reading Club: A Guide to Youth Services Specialists This 1993 manual includes everything from determining your audience to evaluating your reading club success.

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Document your success!

Maintain a file documenting the benefits your programming has brought to your patrons. Take photographs! Record instances in which patrons' needs were met as a result of your summer programming. Record patron comments about the library's services.

Send copies of your success stories, including photographs, to the Public Information Office. The State Library can help you get the word out.

A note on photographs: Be sure to write the date, location/event, and any names of individuals on the backs of photographs. If possible, please get permission from any individuals in the photos before sending them to the State Library. Ask the individuals to sign a photo release form so that the State Library can publish the photos on our Web site and in printed publications.

Download the photo release form (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free plug-in)

Public Information Office

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

PO Box 12927

Austin, TX 78711

Email the Public Information Office

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