Bid Language for Z39.50 Functionality

in an Integrated Library System

Revised 1/2/02


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The system shall include a Z39.50 client and server, compliant with ANSI/NISO Z39.50-1995, Version 3.

The Z39.50 client and server should be compliant with Bath Profile, Functional Area A: Levels 0 and 1, and the Z Texas Profile, Functional Area A: Levels 0 and 1.

Vendors of Z39.50 servers shall verify that their servers have undergone interoperability testing through the Z39.50 Interoperability Testbed hosted by the Texas Center for Digital Knowledge at the University of North Texas. Results of interoperability testing should be made available to customers of the Z39.50 servers.

A client application shall include:

  • Z39.50 client software;
  • the ability to download a MARC 21 bibliographic record in the correct MARC 21 format;
  • configuration of the Z39.50 client so searches via the Z39.50 interface and the native online catalog search interface results the same records found no matter which interface is used;
  • transform Bib-1 Diagnostic messages into readable and understandable messages to display to the user.

A server application shall include:

  • Z39.50 server software;
  • recognize the Bib-1 OID;
  • support the required Bib-1 attribute types, attribute values, and their combination as specified in the Bath and Z Texas Profiles.

Z39.50 integration with integrated library system shall include:

  • a client interface that is the same or similar to that used by the web-based catalog;
  • the ability to upload a retrieved MARC 21 record into the local catalog database;
  • management of multiple Z39.50 connections with Z39.50 servers to enable a broadcast search capability;
  • the ability to deduplicate results from broadcast searches based on specific criteria (e.g., ISBN, LCCN, SuDoc, etc.).


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