Native American Relations in Texas

Vincente Córdova to Manuel Flores, July 19, 1838

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Vincente Córdova to Manuel Flores, 1838

July 19, 1838

To Manuel Flores


I hold a commission from General Vicente
Filisola to raise the Indians as auxiliaries to the National Army and
I have already entered upon my duties by inviting a meeting
of the neighboring tribes, and being informed that you are
appointed for the same purpose I would be glad to know what
preliminary arrangements you have made towards the accom-
plishment of the objects contemplated; and I hope you
will make all effort to approach with such force as you
may have at your command as far as you may judge proper,
and that you will make all effort to hold with me
a verbal communication in order that we may have in
our respective stations an understanding, and that you
will bring the pipe which I understand you are in
possession in order that the Indian Chiefs may smoke
it of the Cherokee and other tribes, who have promised
me to unite as soon as possible for action, and who
have also agreed that in case our plans should be dis-
covered in the mean time, they will then commence
operations with the force we may have at command,
and it is highly desirable that you should approach
to give us in such case a helping hand.

We have heard here that the troops have
commenced operations in La Bahia but do not know
whither it is true.

I desire we should treat with each other
in full confidence which is necessary to the success
of our commission.

I will say no more at present
than that you may act in full confidence of
your friend

that S.M.B.
Vicente Cordova

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Vincente Córdova to Manuel Flores, July 19, 1838. Texas Indian Papers Volume 1, #2, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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