Native American Relations in Texas

Robert A. Irion to Sam Houston, March 14, 1838

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Robert A. Irion to Sam Houston, 1838

Department of State
City of Houston March 14 1838

Dear General:

Col. Karnes arrived yesterday
morning, bearing a report of the agents who
were sent to the Comanches for the purpose
of inducing their principal Chiefs to
visit San Antonio with the view of concluding
a permanent treaty between that Tribe
and this Government.

I have the honor herewith to transmit
to yr Excellency, copies of that report, and
a letter from Genl. Johnston.

The peculiar and interesting attitude
of our Indian Relations, at the present
time has influenced us to forward by
Express, the intelligence which may be of
great importance.

To day there has been a meeting of
all the Cabinet Officers who are now at
the seat of Government. Col. Karnes
being present.

The Comanches having made a
positive declaration as regards their terr-
itorial limits, the Col. deemed it necess-
ary to have further orders and particular
instructions from the Executive in this
subject, not wishing to exercise the discretion
given by his commission in a matter of

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Robert A. Irion to Sam Houston, March 14, 1838. Texas Indian Papers Volume 1, #19, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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