Native American Relations in Texas

Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek,
March 28, 1843

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Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek, March 1843

Minutes of a Council

held on Tehuacana Creek, commencing on Tuesday 28th March

Present as Commissioners in behalf of the Republic of Texas: G.
W. Terrell, John S. Black, and T.I. Smith Esqrs: T. Bryson Sec.

Present as Commissioner in behalf of the United States: Hon Pierce
M. Butler. Burgeville Sec.

The following tribes were represented in Council, viz: The Delawares,
Shawnees, Caddos, Ionis, A-na-darkos, Tawakonis, Wacos,
Wichitas and Keechis.

The following individuals acted as Interpreters during the
sitting of the late Council, viz: John Connor, Jim Second-Eye, Jim
Shaw, Luis Sanchez, Jess Chisolm, and Red Horse.

After the usual preliminary of smoking being finished, a letter from
His Excellency the President addressed to Linney the Shawnee Chief
was read and interpreted to the Indians in Council. This com-
munication seemed to give general satisfaction.

Genl. Terrell then addressed the Council as follows:

My Brothers,

The business on which we have met together is of
great importance to all of us, and to our people. With some of
you, we have long been at War. Our business is to remove all
causes of War, and establish peace between us. The path be-
tween us has long been red with the blood of the white and
the red man. The bones of our brothers and kindred have been
strewed along the path we have traveled. Clouds and dark-
ness have rested upon it. This we believe is wrong, and should
no longer exist. The bow has been strung, and the rifle kept
loaded too long. The white and the red man all belong to
the same great family; therefore we should all live together in
peace and friendship. Wolves and bears and other beasts of

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Minutes of Indian Council at Tehuacana Creek, March 28, 1843. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 1, #122, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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