Native American Relations in Texas

Thomas G. Western to Benjamin Sloat, July 27, 1844

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Thomas G. Western to Benjamin Sloat, July 1844

Fort Milam 27 July 1844

Dr Sir

By Mr Barnard who will hand
you this, you will receive three men who have
volunteered their services in the defense of your place
against any attack that may be made upon it,
with those who probably arrived with you today
from Suttons your force will amount to 15 men or more
and as Agent at the Post the Command of them will
probably devolve upon you whether this should be
the case or not, you will always bear in mind that
a Treaty of Peace and amity exists between us and the
Wacos and Tawakonis you will therefore be careful
not to violate it or become the aggressors or
assailants under any circumstances: if those indians
are so disposed they will not fail to commit some
overt act, this will afford you the opportunity to
repel force by force, and when driven to this
extremity you will not fail to punish the aggressors
most exemplarily and teach them a lesson they will
not readily forget, if the reports be true, those
bad indians will soon show their hands, and then
you will have ample scope to give them the chas-
isement they merit -- but -- be careful. Let them
first commit themselves do not commit y[ou]rself
by striking first -- I repeat, the Treaty must
be respected by us.

I shall leave here tomorrow for the
Navasota to apprise the citizens there of the state
of affairs and to get some of them to act as
rangers or spies between there and
your Post, and also to get some of the Delawares to join you, mean-
while keep out some spies of your force will permit
I shall return to this place by Tuesday next when you
will have your reports here to reach me.

With every confidence in your activity and diligence

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Thomas G. Western to Benjamin Sloat, July 27, 1844. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 2, #52, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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