Native American Relations in Texas

Thomas G. Western to Benjamin Sloat, April 2, 1845

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Thomas G. Western to Benjamin Sloat, April 1845

Capt. Benj Sloat
Agent Tehuacana Creek

Indian Bureau
Washington 2d Apl 1845.

Sir -- Yours of 14th ult. is before me. There must be
some mistake in regard to the killing of the Delaware
John Ketcham, it cannot have been done by the Tonkawas
the whole of that tribe have been under the eye of their
agent Capt. Neighbors ever since the middle of February. I have
dates from him up to the 22nd of last month 8 days later
than the date of your letter, and no such occurence is mentioned
they were then still below the St. Marks, [San Marcos] their place of destination
which they had not yet reached. Give me all the particulars
of the Case the Section of the Country where it occured etc and
the matter shall be investigated to the Satisfaction of our friends the Delawares.

The Tonkawas are now entirely under our Control, and with
all the Circumstances before me, I may be unable to find out the
perpetrators of the Deed if among them, and in that case consign
punishment shall surely follow.

Col Williams has orders to repair to the South
Fork of the Trinity, and to take his Station, as Agent, at the
New Trading house now establishing by Mr Travis at that

You will send, or go yourself if you prefer, to the
sheriff of Milam County who will deliver to you on your order
Two Horses, stolen from Red Bears party in January last
these two are in possession of Mr. Flanagan the said sherriff
and he thinks there is still a third, also stolen, in some part of
the same County, but, does not know where. You will use due
diligence to recover these animals and return them to their proper

The notorious "Pennington" as I am informed by Agent
Neighbors is no more. he Died on the Guadalupe, as he says.
The Delawares who were with him, took the peltries of their
last hunt to Bastrop, but, were not permitted to trade a
single article, they worked their way Eastward it is supposed
for the Trading House at your Post, if there give the leaders
of that party a severe lecture on their obstrepeterous
conduct, they will know that they are not permitted, any

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Thomas G. Western to Benjamin Sloat, April 2, 1845. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 2, #177, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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