Native American Relations in Texas

Thomas G. Western to Torrey and Brothers, May 30, 1845

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Thomas G. Western to Torrey and Brothers, May 1845

Washington 30 May 1845

Messrs. Torrey and Brother

Gent. -- Yours of the 26th. Inst.
is received complaining that persons at Bastrop without
license trade with Indians, I am aware that such acts
were committed last spring, but, so soon as it was
ascertained measures were immediately taken to prevent
a recurrance and I do not think anything of the kind has
occurred at that place since that time -- the peltries you
mention are probably the product of that trade -- The
law was emphatically made known by the Agent to
the merchants there and parties of perverse Delawares
who afterwards came in with their peltries to trade were
forbidden and prevented from trading and were sent
off by the agent -- An incorrigible subject -- "Delaware
Bob." and some 10 others had introduced themselves into
the settlements on Cedar Creek near Bastrop and
they have been expelled therefrom although the
inhabitants petitioned for them to to be permitted to
remain their request was not granted. Every
thing possible has been done to prevent illicit
traffick with the Indians, indeed it is part of the
machinery for regulation of Indian Affairs
and the preservation of peace not to
permit an Indian to pass below the line of Trading
houses, hence if they are not permitted to come into the
settlements of course they cannot trade at Bastrop -- It
would be the achme of injustice to suppose for a
moment that any of the officers of the Government
connected with Indian matters, sleep at their
post or disregard their duty --

Altho there is no doubt that
the merchants of Bastrop have violated the

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Thomas G. Western to Torrey and Brothers, May 30, 1845. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 2, #220, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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