Native American Relations in Texas

Thomas G. Western to L. Williams, April 29, 1845

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Thomas G. Western to L. Williams, April 1845

Indian Bureau
Washington 29 Apl/45

L.H. Williams Esq
Indian Agent Post No 2
Torreys Trading House on the Brazos

Yours of
the 14th pr Capt. Sloat is received.

It has ultimately been concluded upon
to send out Capt. Sloat with a party of
friendly Indians to see the Comanches and
to bring about a reconciliation between them
and the Delawares, he will start in a few
days after you receive this -- As the Trading
House on the Trinity has not yet commenced
operations your presence will not be needed
there immediately. You will therefore remain
in Charge of Post No 2 until the return of Capt.
Sloat, as a very important part of your duty
you will be very particular to see that
the Trade with the Indians is carried
on fairly justly and with Satisfaction to the Indians
at the Trading House of Messr Torrey's
which is at your immediate Post. I know
that the Messrs. T.'s are just and honorable Gentlemen
but we also know that great Complaints
were made by the Indians of high prices
etc last winter, and it had to be rectified
by the Govt agents and it was done and
the Indians were all satisfied, I do not
anticipate a recurrance of anything of
the kind, but I call you attention to the
fact to point out to you the absolute

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Thomas G. Western to L. Williams, April 29, 1845. Texas Indian Papers, Volume 2, #193, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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