Our Current Employees of the Quarter

Texas State Library and Archives Commission Employees of the Quarter are nominated by their TSLAC colleagues and are selected by the TSLAC Employee Recognition Committee. Employees of the Quarter are presented with a Certificate of Merit and eight hours administrative leave at the TSLAC Quarterly Awards Ceremony.

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Scott McDonald and Pamela Fuentes

Our Employees of the Quarter for the 4th Quarter of Fiscal Year 2017

Scott McDonald, Data Center Support Specialist, SLRM, State Records Center

Scott joined TSLAC in August 1997 in State and Local Records Management as a part-timer, went full time eventually and has been in the same position since, although the definition of a system support specialist over the last 20 years has changed and Scott himself continues to redefine what that is as well, according to Michael Shea, SRC Manager. Working with all the SRC’s peripherals, systems, and especially the Texlinx Billing Components, Scott works tirelessly and creatively to verify all activities in the system and troubleshoots any IT related issue for staff. He is a full time administrator of the Texlinx system and also offers high level system administration in conjunction with the SRC manager. One of the most important and challenging tasks Scott performs is poring over and through every detail of invoice data that is generated each month in TexLinx. His detailed work helps ensure that all scans of information are accurate and everything gets accounted for and billed correctly which helps SRC staff and ultimately our customers benefit from accurate invoices. Described as one of the most friendly and helpful coworkers, Scott is always approachable and a pleasure to work with. He is another “go to” type – people go to Scott for assistance because they know he will respond in a timely and professional fashion as well as get the job done quickly.

Pamela Fuentes, Administrative Assistant, ARIS

Pam started with the agency in March 2016 and lost no time in learning our policies and procedures for travel, purchasing, and reporting employee time/leave as well as becoming the bridge between ARIS staff and the agency’s support services. Whether an IT ticket, facilities request, purchasing issue, travel reimbursement, or any of the other million things that Pam oversees, Pam does not shy away from getting a task completed. One colleague described her as having the ability to process complex, multi-factor situations and determine the best way forward.

Described as super organized, self motivated and self directed, Pam comes up with new and streamlined ways to accomplish tasks and is always seeking ways to improve processes. Her positive and pleasant attitude are appreciated by all whether in ARIS or across the agency. Over the past six months Pam became well-versed in the CAPPS world and has been helpful in moving the agency forward in the CAPPS implementation, often serving as a resource for other Purchasing liaisons. Pam quickly was able to identify problems, quirks, and helped create procedures for certain areas. Jelain Chubb, ARIS Director, said Pam is extremely knowledgeable of purchasing requirements specific to ARIS and in particular at the Sam Houston Center where she has had to keep up with the myriad complicated purchases related to the renovation projects there. When the ARIS Education Outreach Coordinator left in July, Pam stepped in and took on additional duties in outreach and making sure planned events stayed on track.

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