Queen Victoria: Ratification of Convention Between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Texas

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Victoria ratification, page 2

Baron Temple, a Peer of Ireland, a Member of Her Britannick Majesty's most
Honourable Privy Council, a Member of Parliament, Knight Grand Cross of the most
Honourable Order of the Bath, and Her Britannick Majesty's Principal Secretary
of State for Foreign Affairs;
And the Republick of Texas, General James Hamilton &ca. &ca.
Who, after having communicated to each other their respective
Full Powers, found in good and due form, have agreed upon and concluded the
following Articles:

Article I.

The Republick of Texas agrees that if, by means of the mediation
of Her Britannick Majesty, an unlimited Truce shall be established between
Mexico and Texas within Thirty days after this present Convention shall have
been communicated to the Mexican Government by Her Britannick Majesty's
mission at Mexico; and if, within Six months from the day on which that
communication shall have been so made, Mexico shall have concluded a Treaty
of Peace with Texas; -- then and in such case the Republick of Texas will take
upon itself a portion, amounting to One Million Pounds Sterling, of the Capital of
the Foreign Debt contracted by the Republic of Mexico before the 1st of January,
One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty Five.

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