Address to Colonel José Antonio Mexia, June 13, 1832
(Turtle Bayou Resolutions)

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Turtle Bayou Resolutions

5 And made known to the Government, and whose principles
were avowedly inimical to the true interest of the people
of Texas.

6 By the military commandant of Anahuac, advising
& procuring servants to exit the Service of their masters—
offering them protection, causing them to labour for his
individual benefit by force and refusing to compensate master
or Servant.

7 By the imprisonment of our citizens without lawful
cause, and claiming the right of trying said citizens,
by a military court, for offenses of a character alone
cognizable by the civil authority, and by refusing to—
deliver them over to the said authority when demanded

Such Colonel Mexia are the causes which impelled us to take
up our arms, and the following declarations are the legitimate
offspring of our deliberations and form the basis of all
the acts [.]

At a large and respectable meeting of the citizens
residents of the Jurisdiction of Austin & Liberty held at
Turtle Bayou near Anahuac The following resolutions
were reported by the committee appointed by the
meeting and unanimously adopted[.]



Address to Colonel José Antonio Mexia, June 13, 1832. Mirabeau B. Lamar Papers #157, Archives and Information Services Division, Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

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