Flag Design Submitted to the Texas Government
Handwriting of Stephen F. Austin, B.T. Archer, and William Wharton

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Austin Flag, Red and Green, Reverse

Either will do, either will make a handsome Texas Jack, which old
grand Father John Bull need not be ashamed, or unwilling to acknowl

This flag is approved of by is and we recommend
its adoption

S.F. Austin
B.T. Archer

I object much to the hackneyed quotation "Where liberty dwells there is my coun-
try. Its frequent use by schoolboys as a motto & by Volunteer companies
in their banners have rendered it stale & fulsome. Virgil from
whom it is taken expresses the sentiment antithetically. In the latin lang-
-uage it has much point & beauty. Ubi Libertas-Ibi Patria. If we are to have it all let us have it expressed in this way. But I should much prefer
that the expression motto be discarded & that the words The light of liberty
or the words Lux Libertatis if they are preferred be substituted. The light of Liberty
apply to the sun. Underneath Washington I would
have the words "In his example there is safety" With this alteration
I am much pleased with the banner

W'm. H. Wharton

I have no objection to the
Motto Lux Libertatis, or Light of Liberty-

S.F. Austin

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